Friday, October 5, 2018

Busy, Busy

I really have been for the last few days.

I wrote my first post at The Declination. An open invitation went out, and - being an especially foolish person, as well as a huge fan of the blog - I responded.

I'm convinced that group blogs - blogs in which there is a mix of personalities, passions, and styles of writing - are the next generation of blogging. Many of us started a blog, but have started to run out of steam. I get as outrage - perhaps even more so - than the next person, but, at some point, you run out of outrage.

For most independent bloggers (those working alone), we settle down to a 2-5 posts a week schedule. When the news gets exciting, we may up that, but, for the most part, we get into a routine.

That's fine. That's what Op-Ed columnists did for years, in the Old Media - Royko, Hamill, et all - they You might stockpile future columns, so you could schedule vacations. But, usually, week after week, you'd be giving your personal take on the news.

I do that, sometimes. It works, until something like the Kavanaugh hearings come up. I'm enough of a Journalist-y type to want to get the story out - before I get scooped.

Those are the days that I churn out 4-6-8 posts.

Followed by a few weeks of just barely making my minimum. And, a lot of writing on other things - short stories, novels, non-fiction. Gotta keep that balance.

Tomorrow, I'm going to participate in an OFF-line activity - a Hamfest. It's a combination of VE (Volunteer Examiner) testing for new hams/those that want to advance their license, informational presentation, and SERIOUS swapmeet. What you have to know about amateur radio enthusiasts, is that they LUST after new, shiny, feature-rich equipment.

But, many of them (me) live with people who will not look kindly on another purchase unless they get rid of the old stuff. Which they do, and, since no one looks down on getting back some of the purchase price of the old stuff, load up their cars with old equipment, and enter into the back-of-the-car horse trading that has both parties happy.

Good deal for both. Used is a good way for new hams to get their feet wet.

I'm baking tonight, and will be taking in lots of chocolate-y treats to donate to the bake sale. Tomorrow, I'm handling traffic control for a few hours. After that, it's fun and games for the rest of the day.

If you're anywhere near Rock Hill, SC, come on down! Scroll down for the directions and information.

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