Friday, October 26, 2018

Quickies: 1500 Years Old And It Still Provokes Outrage

     Get a load of this:

     In response to pressure from clients who were demanding a CoC before they would do business with him, Richard Hipp, the founder of the widely used SQLite database engine, adopted the Rule of St. Benedict as the guiding principles for his community. The move angered many in the tech community — but was applauded by others who are fed up with the distractions CoCs have caused in recent years. The rules encourage users to love God and their neighbors and to forsake overeating, laziness, and grumbling, among other things.

     Pretty wild, eh? But the reactions of the social-justice warriors / non-playable characters whose pole star is promotion of “the marginalized” and “the oppressed” are very revealing:

     Many in the tech community, accustomed to CoCs focused on sexual diversity, an obsession with gender, and safe spaces, were startled by Hipp's move to adopt the overtly religious Code of Benedict.
     Critics said that his CoC lacked a means of enforcement and insisted that a CoC must make people feel safe and welcomed.
     That was news to Hipp. "Who decided this?" he asked. "Did I miss a memo?"....
     "From what I've been able to piece together from tweets, the purpose of a CoC is to make marginalized people feel welcomed and safe. And there must be some means of enforcement written into the CoC so that if hostile forces infiltrate the community, 'safeness' can be restored by censoring or expelling the miscreants," he explained. Those two rules are apparently "sufficient to disqualify the Rule of St. Benedict as a valid CoC."....
     "Your code of conduct is a terrible joke," wrote one angry user. "Wow, you really didn't understand sh*it, did you? What you're doing there is just disgusting."
     "I will stop using SQLite wherever I can," another user declared. "Please apologize publicly, replace bogus CoC by some actual CoC that addresses issues marginalised groups actually have, and if required (and I strongly suppose it is required!) seek professional help to avoid this kind of behaviour in the future."

     The Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia is over 1500 years old. It focuses on personal virtue and the proper treatment of others. Yes, it’s a Christian document – Catholic, really – but its prescriptions are as applicable to the secular world as to any monastery. But how dare this business owner employ a Christian document as the basis for his commercial enterprise! Why, you’d almost think he’s a Christian himself! And you know how “woke” Leftists feel about those folks!

     This got me laughing so hard my wife rushed over to see if I was all right. Next: A tech entrepreneur that needs a code of conduct adopts The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and heads explode nationwide.

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