Monday, October 22, 2018

Quickies: The Caravan

     Sovereignty doesn't flow from a United Nations declaration. It’s not a theoretical or formal thing in any sense. It’s about a nation's ability to maintain its political system, its laws, and its borders.

     In other words, a nation becomes sovereign when it’s been accepted by neighboring states. When nation X’s neighbors concede nation X’s sovereignty, it becomes sovereign de facto. Such a concession takes the form of not attempting to invade, and of treating with X’s government as a legitimate entity.

     When X’s neighbor Y decides to invade X, it is saying “We no longer concede your sovereignty.” What else could it mean? An invasion is a direct challenge to the ability of X’s government to maintain itself, its laws, and its borders. X will lose sovereign status unless it can repel the invasion. If it can’t – and that includes suing for peace while hostilities are still in progress – then the nation that will emerge from what follows will not be what X was before the invasion. Indeed, what emerges might not be sovereign at all, but a protectorate of Y.

     The “caravan” moving through Mexico is an invasion force. By challenging our ability to maintain our borders and our laws for legal entry, it directly challenges the sovereignty of the United States. Therefore it must be repelled. The alternative is to have all the other nations of the world watch as the third-rate states of Central America succeed in reducing us to their status: a pretender to sovereignty rather than a nation that can maintain its laws and borders against its neighbors when challenged.

     The Army must mobilize and move to our southern border at once. If Mexico’s government is found to be complicit in this invasion attempt, whether by tacitly permitting it or by lending it “aid and comfort,” a declaration of war is the only acceptable response. The people of Mexico had better be ready for what will follow.


Unknown said...

It's my understanding the Army is explicitly deploying right now- for the very reasons you mention.

Most see this, regardless of the lies told by the newsmedia (Which should be held to the standard of Article III, Section 3 in this context...) as we both do.

This is an INVASION. It requires a response accordingly.

Amy Bowersox said...

Yes, it is an invasion, and the President is not only permitted to repel it, but Constitutionally required to do so (Article IV, Section 4). If he does not, he is in violation of his oath of office, and should be removed from said office, else we no longer have even the sorriest imitation of a Constitutional Republic.