Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: Giving Cover

     He who ardently desires followers, allegiants, loyalists, etc. need only find out what they want and then give it to them. What most people want is a rationale for doing what they already want to do. From this flow many demagogic insights and tactics.

     For example: for many years, I’ve argued that Islam is popular in prisons because it gives men already inclined toward violence and predation a religious rationale for what they already want to do. Today, it seems that “progressivism” – the Left’s self-description at this time, a term more popular than “liberalism” or “socialism” though in practice the three cannot be distinguished from one another – is popular among the mentally ill because it gives them a political rationale for being and acting crazy.

     The Left isn’t composed of a bunch of strategic or tactical geniuses, but its masters do possess enough functioning brain cells to note social patterns, plus a sufficient absence of moral scruples to exploit those patterns outrageously, a outrance. Beware!


Kye said...

Islam is not "popular in prisons", it is popular among blacks in prisons. It specifically trys to exclude whites and completely ignores Hispanics. The reason is that blacks in prison are already pissed off at "the man", blame "the system" for their shortcomings, have been trained all their life to hate whites and then it massages their propensity toward violence.

A close friend is a recently retired warden in the federal correction system and he has mucho insight into "Islam and Prison". He says Islam in prison is 90% blacks and 10% Middle Easterners. They are deliberately recruiting American blacks in prisons because of the characteristics you mention.

Michael Stone said...

Love the blog!
Thanks for all you do.

Now that you have multiple people posting, do you think you could put the "Posted By" at the top of the post instead of at the bottom? I like to read in the (imagined) voice of the poster and I sometimes get it wrong...

Francis W. Porretto said...

Blogger doesn't seem to want to move that item, Michael. I'll give it another try later, but for the moment I have to leave things as they are.