Saturday, October 6, 2018

Kavanaugh is IN!

It was tight - not so tight that Senator Murkowski couldn't change her vote, making it "present", rather than "no", so Senator Daines could escort his daughter down the aisle without worrying. It was a nice, collegial touch.

It may stand as a low point for the Senate, and for much of Washington. Kavanaugh was confirmed by even fewer Senators than Thomas. I'm done to death with the fake outrage, the fake charges, and the deliberate polarization of the American public.

We did the Civil War thing once; We followed almost 100 years later with Civil War 2.0. We don't need zealots to create chaos, encourage violence, and attempt to burn this country to the ground again.

The Sixties are OVER. We don't need the aging Left to attempt to re-live what they see as their Glory Days - One More Time!

Die already. Don't make your last act on this Earth be a vain effort to fulfill childish dreams.

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