Thursday, October 25, 2018

Quickies: The "Bombs"

     Apparently, the “bombs” received by various left-wing personalities, including a former president, a recent presidential candidate, and a possible future presidential candidate, are today’s headline news. Not one of these “bombs” was capable of exploding. All were found to be utterly inert – harmless. Yet I have no doubt that the Left will trumpet these “acts of terrorism,” claiming they’re the work of conservatives and Trump supporters, until Election Day.

     Of course! What else have they got with which to deflect attention from the impending invasion of the United States by a carefully nurtured “caravan” of Central American “refugees?”

     The legacy media must have a story. It can’t simply tell you to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” (Or “Do not look at the hooded figures in the dog park.”) What happens then? “The man behind the curtain” gets even more attention!

     Today, “the man behind the curtain” the legacy media and their Leftist masters don’t want you to look at is:

  • A roaring economy;
  • Reinforced alliances;
  • A booming energy sector;
  • Record levels of employment;
  • Greatly improved trade agreements;
  • Sharply reduced taxes and regulations;
  • Conservative repopulation of the federal courts;
  • A resurgence of business investment and activity;
  • A reborn sense of American potency and confidence;
  • Surging approval for President Trump and his agenda;
  • And a column of invaders – at least 80% military-age males – approaching our southern border.

     For the public to pay any attention whatsoever to these things is mortally dangerous to the Left and the Democrats. Our attention must be deflected, diverted to something else! So we have a few utterly fake bombs sent to prominent Democrats. Add a Gucci socialist who runs her mouth as often as she can secure an audience. Hillary Clinton is seen laying a foundation for a third run at the presidency. And for lagniappe, the New York Times publishes a little assassination porn.

     I’d like to believe that they’re not fooling anybody, but I know better. There are people – nominally Americans – who’d believe that the Sun rose in the West if it were printed in the Times. (And quite a lot of them are militant atheists. Go figure.)

     Current indications are that the Democrats are about to be rather disappointed by the results of the midterm elections. They’ve been looking forward to taking back control of one or both houses of Congress ever since Donald Trump was elected president. Midterms are a choice opportunity for that sort of reversal. But it appears that that’s not going to happen.

     In anticipation of conservative happiness on November 7, allow me to present a classic of sorts:

     (Ever since I first heard that song, I’ve wondered: “Why ninety-six tears? What would have happened on Tear #97?” It appears we’ll never know.)

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