Thursday, October 4, 2018

Concerning Ethno-Nationalism

     Blacks do it. Look at Zimbabwe and South Africa.
     Asians do it. Look at China, Japan, and the nation-states of Southeast Asia.
     Hispanics do it. The nation-states of Central and South America have some of the toughest entry and immigration laws in history.

     The white nations – the nations of the Enlightenment – the nations that were settled and constructed by Euro-Caucasians from what was once called Christendom – are being told that for us to seek to preserve our achievements and our racial inheritance is somehow unjust.

     For those who say so, I have only one question : Why?

     The Euro-Caucasian peoples are under sustained attack. That attack has several prongs. In many cases the governments of their nations are part of the attack force. It has a lot of well-meaning whites utterly baffled.

     We’re being told that we shouldn’t resist being made a minority in the countries we created and built. Of those saying this:

  • Some are slavery-trumpeters or race hucksters;
  • Some trumpet their “compassion;”
  • Some, sad to say, call themselves libertarians;
  • And some see it as a route toward wealth or power.

     I can understand their motivations without agreeing with their claims. What I can’t understand is why good-hearted white people are buying into it.

     Did you know that among those...persons there are several who call “whiteness” something to be eradicated?

     Would you want to be a minority in a country where the majority blames you for its troubles? Regardless of your identity, your trade, your background, or your individual actions?

     There’s a difference between hating others and loving one’s own.

     Whites in the United States have never been less safe than we are today. The historically safest regions in this country – and I live in one of them: Long Island, New York, for which I pay a whopping premium in taxes and overall cost of living – are steadily being infiltrated by persons and groups that hate whites categorically and are willing to say so to anyone who asks. Local governments are doing nothing about this. Indeed, police forces are being cautioned about dealing ultra-gently with “minorities,” as the potential for race or ethnicity-based lawsuits terrifies their administrations.

     We are told that “racial profiling” – i.e., taking note of the skin color of a criminal in our descriptions to the police – is somehow discriminatory. We are told that the reverse-racism called “affirmative action” is our penance for slavery and racism. We are told not to take notice of the huge crowds of obviously nonwhite laborers who congregate at convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, and throughway on-ramps waiting for buses to take them somewhere they can earn a few dollars. We are told that it’s evil to want a wall on our southern border to inhibit illegal migrants. The very suggestion that our immigration laws can and should be enforced as written has been assailed as somehow racist.

     Not long ago, while in a clothing store, I was physically threatened by a huge Hispanic for daring to stop his completely unsupervised two-year-old from ramming a wagon into my wife’s ankles. Since then I go armed whenever I leave the house. Should the need arise I won’t hesitate to kill to defend my wife or myself. I might not have many years left to live, but I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

     A lot of other whites I know feel exactly the same.

     I’ve lost patience with those who claim that for whites to want to be among our own kind is somehow wrong. Note that any other racial or ethnic group that makes such a statement is treated with the utmost forbearance. Note that those other groups are never accused of intolerance or bigotry.

     Only whites must endure this sort of brutalization and ignominy.

     It must stop. If it doesn’t stop, it will be stopped. And it won’t be pretty.



Amen. Thank you.

I'm Jewish. I'm also as whitebread visually as you could get. Despite my wife not being Caucasian, the vast majority of people with whom we associate are white. So what? She has no issue with it. (And despite not being Jewish, most of the people she associates with are a local group of Russian Jews.)

I curse people like Barbara Spectre whose words AS A LEFTIST, or that other Jewish person in your post, have created the impression that all Jews are for this enforced diversity.

Dystopic said...

There is a motte and bailey attack going on with the Left, in regards to this.

Motte: kill whitey, you're going extinct, the future is [whatever], fuck whiteness, etc...

Bailey: we just want compassion, diversity, fairness, equality... for all peoples.

I've always tried my hardest to take people as they are. As individuals. In this environment, however, it is harder than ever to do this. The victim politics, the oppression Olympics, the race hustling. I tire of all of it. This is a bullshit, two-faced attack. Passive-aggressive. Cowardly.

Being frank with you, I can't stand the Leftists who do this, who employ Weaponized Empathy this way. I can't stand to listen to them, to be around them, to take them seriously, to even live in the same country with them.

I don't know where America goes from here. Nowhere good, I suspect.