Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The morally-debased United States.

Al-Qaeda’s presence in Idlib isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s an established fact that even US State Department’s Special Envoy, Brett McGurk, made clear when he said: “Look, Idlib province is the largest Al-Qaeda safe-haven since 9/11. Idlib now is a huge problem, is an Al-Qaeda safe-haven right on the border with Turkey.[1]
To which Partisangirl responded:
The US admits that #Idlib is run by #AlQaeda, AND that they are prepared to go to war to defend AlQaeda.[2]
When she says "go to war" I presume you're familiar with our crack-addled, Turtle Bay banshee-in-residence and her recent escalation from "we'll attack you if you dare use chemical weapons again [?]" to "we'll attack you if you dare to try to clean out the scum of the earth from your own Idlib Governate." If we are endowed with special regime-change goggles, couldn't we topple the regimes in Germany, France, Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands instead? Syria is led by a popular leader who's done an amazing job of keeping Syria together while under attack from 70 countries and tens of thousands of jihadi filth from every country on the planet except Lapland. The aforementioned Western countries are led by traitors intent on destroying their own countries. Who is it that's in need of an ass whoopin' here?

I’m from America and I’m here to help you.
ISIS was a certified horror according to the State and Defense Departments though any “war” against them was a phony baloney war from the git. A more comprehensive treatment of this point would be a righteous project. But, ok, we were initially in Syria to destroy ISIS and, after 9/11, we all know what a mortal enemy al-Qaida is.

Except it’s not and Partisangirl makes the not-too-subtle point that the U.S. is morally debased for making defense of the al-Qaida Idlib sanctuary/statelet a cornerstone of our new and improved Syria “policy.” The American political elite approach Syrian policy like a homeowner coming home after a week with no power and expecting his freezer to be packed with tasty morsels of food. Earth to Donaldo -- there are no good options left except departure. Our absence from Syria would be your gift to the world.

But, there we are. Kissing the ass of jihadi scum and making the world safe for wahhabism. Woodrow, that demented sack, said we were making the world safe for democracy. With the benefit of hindsight or no illusions about America’s being “the indispensable nation,” one, we can see that it didn’t turn out that way. Not even close. But, never fear, no lessons learned here. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Iraq can be turned into killing fields just because we, lawless and arrogant as only Haley and Pompeo can demonstrate, don’t know our ass from Superglue and think that, a la Agent 007, we have a license to kill. Which we have done. Not just a few thousand, but hundreds of thousands. America is besotted by war and wages it free of any constraints imposed by the U.N. Charter.

If we had any moral authority from our role in the Cold War, it is now exhausted. The Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and "Russian collusion" spasms, along with a stinking layer of MSM partisanship and dishonesty and the wholesale evisceration of the constitutional scheme for the role of the federal government, are indicators of the depths to which we have sunk.

[1] "Nikki Haley, Favours War over Peace while Promoting the 'Cause' of Al Qaeda in Syria." By Eva K. Bartlett, 21st Century Wire, 10/12/18.
[2] Id. (Twitter links removed.)


Linda Fox said...

She may have been following instructions, but - I doubt it. Trump gave her a gracious goodbye, but I doubt he'll put her in a policy-making position again.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It is hard to imagine that she went for such an abrasive and war-hoop style of "representation" on her own. If it was all her then that is one seriously disturbed woman.

Trump obviously was stuck with her though how that came to be I don't understand. So many personnel decisions and non-decisions show that he either doesn't understand the importance of personnel or is having to accept unpleasant appointments (and firings) so long as he can do what's important to him. I never saw an American president more deaf and blind to his constitutional powers.

It's one of the greatest mysteries, his approach to the mechanics of governing. Yet his tweets and speeches at his rallies do not disclose any deep understanding of law, history, or politics either.

It's enough that he's got the political class in an uproar and they will do more to harm themselves than they realize. E.g., the Kavanaugh hearing. A Rep. Nunes, for one, would bring a deep understanding of American realities to the table were he president but such was not to be this time around or in the next four years.

Whatever his weaknesses, Donald Trump has probably forever changed American politics though his impact could have been times 10 had he pulled out the stops on sealing the border on day one and pulled us out of Afghanistan and Syria as well. Clinton's opening the military to homosexuals right off the bat was a case study in making tough decisions.

I swear I replied to your comment a few days back but the NSA must have parked it in a polar orbit.