Monday, October 8, 2018

Truth is irrelevant. Only revolutionary violence is the goal.

The debunking of Marxist theory has in no way prevented it from wreaking havoc, death, and destruction around the globe. This is because Marxism as a revolutionary movement did not arise out of Marxism as a political and economic theory but rather Marxism as a political and economic theory was devised as a rationalization and justification for Marxism as a revolutionary movement. This is why the response of Marxists to the falsification of Marx’s predictions, as far back as the interwar period, was not to abandon the revolutionary cause in disillusionment but to devise new theories to perpetuate it. When these new theories were in turn debunked – the first ones borrowed ideas from Freudianism which is now universally regarded as quackery – this too, was no big deal to the revolutionaries, they simply came up with yet newer ones. Unlike real philosophers, Marxists see their ideas as tools for promoting revolutionary violence rather than steps in a journey towards the truth. Since the Second World War neo-Marxists have used their new theories to expand their list of enemies to be destroyed. No longer does their sedition target only their old class enemy, the bourgeoisie, but now also the racial, sexual, and gender enemies of white Caucasians, males, heterosexuals, and most recently the cisgendered. Indeed, through the idea of “intersectionality” they now attack all of these targets simultaneously. Eventually, of course, these ideas will be as dead and debunked as classical Marxism, but since their utility for the Marxists’ revolutionary purposes is completely independent of their truth claims, this will not defeat Marxism. Only by abandoning liberalism, with its foolish insistence on interacting with Marxism in its various guises as if it were a legitimate philosophical contribution, will we be able to recognize it for what it is, a seditious movement of pure violent hatred, and respond to it accordingly.[1]
Mr. Neal mentions sedition, which is a concept relegated to the attic in all Western political discussion. The great Joe McCarthy was horribly abused for suggesting that the U.S. government was infested with traitors. And was he ever right on that score. Now you have mayors defying federal authority by creating sanctuary cities and millions of fools promoting open borders and illegal immigration. If actions to undermine or destroy national sovereignty and citizenship aren’t sedition, I’d like to know what is. Such is the debased nature of our national “conversation” that the concept has vanished from our discussion of what is the purpose of government and what are the obligations of citizenship. If you grovel at the feet of foreigners and do your utmost to destroy traditional America you’re viewed as a fine fellow indeed.

Anyway, Neal has Marxists squarely in his sights. They are vicious and dishonest and there IS no debating them. Truth is irrelevant to them as the hideous concepts of “gender” and homosexual “marriage” attest.

[1]  "Assorted Reflections." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Altar, and Liberty, 9/17/18 (emphasis added).

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