Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An impressive Carly Fiorina.

The "embed" link from Breitbart isn't working so here's the bare URL for her interview on a New Hampshire station.

No mention of immigration, alas. One commenter, The Raven, wrote, "She's for amnesty and said Trump doesn't represent her when he attacked the Mexican government and criminals. She said he doesn't represent her or her party." Vdare.com and NumbersUSA will have that story in due course.

They've all got to come clean on sealing the border, amnesty, employer verification, and deportation or it's no deal for me. The Rs will barf up Jeb given half a chance and it's definitely time to break furniture (i.e., third party time) if none of the GOP candidates can see wide open, mass immigration -- and the existing mass of illegals already resident for decades -- as the existential threat that they are. A foreigner is a foreigner is a foreigner.

Yes. All illegals have to return home and take their anchor babies with them. If they want to "keep their families together" it's their responsibility to take their kid(s) with them not our responsibility to accommodate people who have the gall to wander over our border thinking that we then owe them something. We own nothing to invaders. The anchor baby concept is another constitutional joke foisted on us by the Supreme Court anyway.

H/t: Drudge Report, 8/3/15.

UPDATE (8/12/15):

Another look at Fiorina:

Carly Fiorina is No Conservative Candidate. By Kelleigh Nelson, Freedom Outpost, 8/12/15.


Pascal said...

I remain wary of all well-connected GOP candidates. Fiorina lost to boxer when she ran against her for senate. The similarity of her campaign to Romney's -- sounding good in primaries and then turned to mush in the general -- is something non-Californians (and Californians with no memory) do not know. I like her as an ally against the Left, not as a candidate. And even then, should say someone as to the Right as Cruz win the nom, mark my words that chances are she'll find a way to cause trouble. She was known as FioRINO back when she was running for senate.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That squishiness has to be presumed with virtually all GOP candidates. Santorum is an exception.

Walker got good marks from NumbersUSA recently but he's spoken of our "broken immigration system" in the past and anyone who does that shows he's been in the tractor beam of sellout RINOdom.

Even Trump got bad marks from NumbersUSA despite the exhilarating grr woofery on sealing the border.

Sometimes I think raising Ronald Reagan from the dead would be easier than finding a politician willing to stand up for white America. I went with Santorum last time around but he seems never to gain any traction.

Well, I like to think these ARE pivotal times. With luck any economic spasms will occur while Comrade abu-Twinkletoes is still in office. It won't be good but I don't know how else Americans can be encouraged to focus on the essentials: sovereignty, ethnic solidarity, fiscal sanity, foreigners as having no place in America, and sanity on racial matters.