Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This Retirement Thing Is More Complicated Than I Thought

     The day promises to be extremely busy – never fear, it’s mostly good stuff, or at least necessary stuff – so just in case I don’t get back to the keyboard before the morrow, have some links to worthwhile rants on several subjects:

     ...and for those of you who’ve expressed curiosity about how we live here at the Fortress of Crankitude, here are a few snapshots:

     First, our family dining room, where all the really interesting discussions take place:

     Here’s a shot of two of our more influential members doing some pre-dinner “lobbying:”

     We’re so locally notorious that the C.S.O. routinely goes “stealth shopping.” One day she hadn’t had quite enough sleep:

     Zoe, despite her youth, has already taken an interest in sports:

     Finally, when we just have to get away from it all, we retire to our retreat in the country:

     Back later, I hope.

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furball said...

There is a reason (ok, several reasons) why I am so enamored of David Weber's and Eric Flint's "Ring of Fire" series.

On the one hand, it illustrates the similarities of humanity even over hundreds of years. And those similarities encompass both good and bad characteristics.

On the other hand, the series casts a focus on certain aspects of good and evil that are "always with us." For example, taking advantage of others, or believing that certain groups are more deserving than others.

At the same time, the series celebrates the idea and ideals of America: freedom, religious tolerance, fairness and an entrepeneurial attitude of hope and confidence.

Without going into details and swearing a lot, I'd like to point out that today's left, statists, jihadists and trigger-warning, free-speech-denying academicians and politicians are denying all of that.

Tim Turner