Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Leftist lies – "fascism."

The Left has created and maintains a self-serving myth that fascism is synonymous with the political ‘Right’ in every country in order to demonize those who, for one reason or another, oppose them. Thus, it is our opposition and not our ideology that is objected to. At least in the West, the Right of today consists of those who, 100 years ago, were commonly identified as ‘liberal’. Communists were, in that same era, even more repressively brutal and inflicted more death and damage than all fascists combined (then to now). Yet, today’s leftist propaganda persists and has succeeded in confusing the public regarding this history and these terms to the extent it is acceptable (even fashionable) being tagged a communist … but never a fascist.[1]
This obfuscation on the part of the left whereby they attempt to locate "fascism" on the (far) right is one of the most sacred obligations of anyone to the left of Mary Poppins. The National Socialist regime in Germany is held up by the left as the epitome of Evil in order to draw attention away from the even greater crimes and stupidities of communism in the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, and elsewhere.

The left in the U.S. – namely "progressives" or America- and Constitution-hating liberals, socialists, and communists – must conceal the true nature of communist regimes for two reasons:

  1. the socialism practiced by these horrific communist regimes is the socialism that leftists most ardently promote at home and
  2. these regimes represent entities in which there was or is the absence of any restraint on political power, which restraints at home progressives oppose, ignore, subvert, mock, misrepresent, or destroy.
Interminable focus on the crimes of the Nazis and propagation of the lie that they were "right-wing" allows for the equally vital lies that communism was somehow benign and that those who are indeed rightists (and hence favor free markets, the sanctity of contract, rule of law, limited government, tradition, and absolute defense of God-given or natural rights are criminals waiting to bring about a rebirth of the Third Reich.

Leftists are the Dorian Greys of our time. What they see in the mirror when they are alone is what they cannot permit us to see under any circumstances.

The grim reality -- what they see in their mirrors -- is that is they, the left, who are the enemies of liberty, law, and decency who, either in their Soviet, Chinese, Khmer, Cuban, Korean versions, were the ones who reveled in torture and mass slaughter in aid of unworkable, empty abstractions such as equality, the New Man, just prices, a classless society, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the eventual withering away of the state.

[1] "The International Brigades in Spain." By Robert Stapler, date unknown. Republished at "Spanish Civil War: A Case Study Of Propagandistic Distortion." By Thomas E. Brewton, The View From 1776, 7/25/15.


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