Tuesday, August 25, 2015


FWP: Say, maybe we should host one of these.
CSO: Are you sure the town would let us?

FWP: The hell with the town. They’re popular. And it would reduce our overload of books.
CSO: But it encourages people to put books in, too!

FWP: Well, yeah, but...
CSO: Besides, the way things are trending, we’d come home one day to find a family of Salvadorans in it.

FWP: I hadn’t considered that.
CSO: Do they sell one with an integrated security system?
FWP: I’ll check it out.

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Unknown said...

They're pretty cool. We just had one installed in our little town (< 1k peeples), and it stays full rotates fairly quickly. I just deposited my copy of Lincoln on Leadership, along with a Tom Clancy barn burner, just for the fun of it.