Saturday, August 8, 2015


You don't give a **** that those who are not citizens can and do vote and the Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot put a stop to it. The single most-important asset a citizen of a nation has is to determine the political path of the nation; we express that through ballots and our representatives. If those who are not citizens can cast ballots, given that many elections are narrowly-decided, we have ceded the right of political decision-making to non-citizens. Since the citizens of this nation have sat [still] for this crap up until now and continue to do so we have collectively decided that we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic. Why in the hell would you expect anyone else give a **** about anything if you won't do whatever is necessary to prevent non-citizens from determining the political path this nation takes?[1]
It's hard to see how the mass of men loosely termed "citizens" of this country have (beyond feeding themselves three times a day) any instinct whatsoever for their survival or resistance to theft of their country by internal traitors aiding and abetting foreign invasion.

I have met a great many admirable Americans but in the aggregate we, like the Europeans, are pretty much contemptible for our weakness, stupidity, and indifference. Yesterday the Washington Times reported that "conservative women" were angered over Donald Trump's comments on women. This, friends, shows a lack of an ability to focus on the big picture. "Denigrating comments about women’s appearances" is one of the big issues of our time? Really?

One of the passages in the Bible seems to have particular relevance these days:

Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel
~ Matthew 23:24, KJV.

In addition to the points made by Denninger, Obama's waging an undeclared, congressionally-unauthorized war against Syria as we speak but these fools are worried about comments about womens' appearance.

Material for comedians is never in short supply in 21st-c. America.

Well, in Europe too. They must be killing them over there with jokes about the navies of Europe welcoming foreign invaders.

[1] "Why I Find It Hard To Give A F**k*." By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker, 7/19/15 (much formatting removed).

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