Saturday, August 29, 2015

Disaster averted.

Scene: Lamar Municipal Airport, Lamar, Missouri.

Jake, the maintenance man: "Vic, I've got all the brushes and paint I need now. First thing tomorrow, I'm going to repaint the lines on the runway."

Victor, the mayor of Lamar: "Hold on, Jake. Let's not do that just yet. We've got to wait till we have Comprehensive National Transportation Reform first."

Jake: "Ouch! What was I thinking? Of course. There're the revival of the national passenger rail system and the replacement of our deteriorating interstate highways and bridges to consider as well. For a moment there, I was just going to go ahead and paint the runway."

Victor: "That was a close call, Jake. That's why I'm the mayor and you're the maintenance guy. Put the paint somewhere where it won't freeze in the winter."

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