Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Modern socialism.

The deliberate policies of Western leaders to destroy their own countries by means of lunatic mass immigration in aid of "multiculturalism" are astonishing. Nothing like it has ever been seen.

Tiberge has an interesting take on this as a comment to a 2011 article on Dominique Strauss-Kahn's adventure in New York. She makes the point that Diana West makes in her book American Betrayal, namely, that socialism and communism are deeply entrenched in the West and they rule.

We are a long way from Burkean conservatism in the U.S. and the ruling class is 100% in favor of the constitutional destruction and statist transformation that have been the hallmark characteristics of the last 70 years:



Since at least the 60's/70's that politicians have been promising to halt immigration! POLITICIANS ARE COHORTS OF CAPITALISTS! CAPISTALISTS WANT MASS IMMIGRATION TO SCREW PEOPLE'S SALARIES, ETC.


@ anonymous

Everything you say is doubly true of Socialists. Today, there is no national capitalism, geared to the enrichment of a nation. It is global capitalism, dependent on vast waves of immigrants moving around, taking jobs and welfare subsidies, and, through the weapons of anti-racist policies and political correctness, driving fear into the hearts of anyone who criticizes them. If you don't like immigrants, you are a racist.

The authentic nationalists/patriots/traditionalists are now relegated to a lepers' colony. Socialist capitalism is prevailing and DSK is a good example.

Capitalism, in and of itself, is not connected to a political ideology, but in earlier times, Socialists took an anti-capitalist stand in the name of equality of distribution of wealth. But now that has changed. It is the Socialists who hold the power to distribute wealth. In order to survive they have to silence and disable the older order, based on individual effort and private enterprise.

Socialist policies are not necessarily evil when they are geared to the needs of a specific nation, provided there is enough free enterprise, freedom of speech and personal motivation to self-improvement. But when they are geared to the destruction of that nation and to population replacement, then they become evil.

There are of course many on the "Right" who also participating in this dismantling of the older order because they want cheap labor. In view of the general civilizational crisis, I cannot regard these people as authentic conservatives or even as capitalists in the older sense. They are "libertarians" in the sense of "greed is good."

Comments on "A Statue for Steven Lane?" By Tiberge, Gallia Watch, 5/20/11.

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