Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quickies: Outrage Meter Pinned!

     The esteemed Dystopic has cited this article:

     To make it easier for everyone, I will lay out a brief and very simple, minimalistic instruction manual as to what men can do if they are taken by the desire to give women a hand in destroying man’s dominion. It’s not an instruction as to how to be a feminist man, because as I said earlier, it doesn’t exist and men’s presence is highly undesirable and noxious to feminism. It’s not an instruction as to how to free women from men, because only we can do that. It’s just, if men want to do something for women, this is the LEAST, the VERY LEAST they can do, and it’s easy! No need to say anything! No faux-posturing or lying needed! No invading of women’s spaces! No stealing women’s work!
  1. Stop sticking your dicks in women. This is rape. This is torture.
  2. Stop sticking your dicks in women. NOW. For EVER!!!! Ever ever. Like, don’t ever put your dick in a woman or a girl again.
  3. The above is the utmost, absolute MINIMUM men can do to help women. This does not even count men’s infinite every-day torture that surrounds rape and impregnation of women by men that they should stop too. A man who sticks his dick in girls and women is a rapist (and scum). He is not helping women.
  4. Give back to women what you, and men in general, have stolen from women:
  5. Women need Land. Give land back to women.
  6. Women need money. Give money back to women.
  7. Women need houses and rooms of our own. Give houses back to women.
  8. Women need resources (food, water, equipment of all sorts…). Give resources back to women.
  9. Women need time. Clean your own shit.
  10. Reminder: stop using your dick against women, stay away from feminism, and refuse any credit for your what you give back to women. For a thief is not to be thanked for handing back what he stole.

     This, above, is also the LEAST men can do. It’s very easy, all it takes is doing it, with no consequences to men’s personal integrity other than minor material loss.

     Which demands a reply:

     "I know he still loves me," Marilyn said, "and of course I still love him. It's just that --"
     "'Of course? Of course?'" Helen's smile vanished and her face darkened. "You deny him all enjoyment of your body, you make him feel a churl even for thinking about it, you reave him of one of the essential achievements of manhood, but that's all right because you still love him?"
     Marilyn gaped. "What achievement do you mean?"
     "Do you have any idea," Helen said, "how radically different a man's experience of sex is from a woman's, dear?"
     Helen sat back and folded her arms over her breasts. She looked at Marilyn as a teacher might an underachieving pupil, one who had more than adequate ability but refused to apply himself.
     "We hold the veto power. We compel them to woo us, seduce us, cater to us. When we oh-so-generously let them near, they do almost all of the work, yet their orgasms involve only a tiny portion of their bodies and last a mere second or two. Ours are incomparably fuller and longer -- and at so much smaller a cost that it doesn't bear comparison." She shook her head. "We get so much more out of it than they do, it's a wonder they bother with us at all. So why do they bother with us, Marilyn?"
     Helen's silent glare accused her of having missed something critical, something she ought to have known without needing to be told.
     "I don't know. I...never thought about it."
     The reproof in Helen's eyes remained strong, but something else entered to temper it, something wryly amused.
     "You ought to have thought about it. But you're not the only one. Harridans all across this land have been telling women like you that you're owed, that men's desire for you is barely a hair's breadth from chattel slavery, that 'a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.' And you're too afraid to contradict them, or too proud to ask your mothers whether it might just possibly be some other way. So they go on to catechize the men, telling them what oppressors they are, and how awful the burdens of womanhood are, and how unfair it is that they should get to exhaust their bodies and erode their spirits with wage labor while women sit in the safety and comfort of their homes, being most oppressively provided for." Helen shook her head. "If a hundredth of that were true, the race would have died out thousands of years ago. It's we who owe them, Marilyn. Without them, we would still be cowering in caves. They have made us a world where we can be whatever we please."

     [From Priestesses]

     Perhaps it is indeed time for the return of kings.


Backwoods Engineer said...

I've avoided "Priestesses" until now. Maybe it's time I read it.

I heard a man the other day advocate for the return of kings. It's certainly no worse than the tyranny we have now.

Dystopic said...

The dysfunction of male/female interaction these days cannot be overstated. And though folks think this witchwind "lady" (or whatever creature she actually is) is radical and extreme, consider that 10 years ago, nobody would have thought that the police should arrest so-called "man-spreaders" on the subway, because of perceived sexism in seating.

Nor would the original topic of my own post, this "GiveYourMoneyToWomen" hashtag hustle, have stood the light of day.

I shudder to think of where our country, and the rest of the West, is heading.

As usual, Francis, your writing captures the truth of it.

Unknownsailor said...

I suspect that, in her case, she is getting exactly what she wants. And what she doesn't realize is that those like her, who do like she asks, will die out and leave the world to the rest of us sane people.
I see links to her screeds every now and then, but I consider her just noise. She is so offensive, and so belligerently hostile to anyone's opinions but her own, that only her little chattel of sycophants can stand to listen to her.
She accepts comments, but good luck getting one posted, she moderates out all but her fellow ankle biting lap dogs.