Monday, August 3, 2015

Forecast: reality.

Bankrupt governments invariably resort to plundering the wealth of their citizens. Inflation. Higher taxes. Confiscation of assets. Indebting unborn generations. And defaulting on the benefits promises they made to voters.

It’s time to face reality. And to start working on a Plan B.[1]

But, they mean well.

[1] "The latest government trust fund to go bankrupt." By Simon Black, Soveriegn Man, 7/31/15.

H/t: Remus.


Reg T said...

I've been following Plan B for quite a few years now, thanks to my best friend in high school who joined LDS back in the early '70s. A book he loaned me introduced to the notion of self-sufficiency (now known pejoratively as "prepping"), and others awakened me to the direction this country has been heading in since Wilson and FDR started us down the road to socialist "paradise". (I skipped the LDS part, though I do respect them for their family values.)

Col. B. Bunny said...

I'm a great admirer of the Mormons. They have institutionalized a great deal of common sense in all that they do, though I think the church has gone a little soggy on immigration now that over half of its members are in other countries.

In my life I chose to focus on entrepreneurial ventures as the best investment of my time and resources. Now prepping is the course of wisdom. I'm not sure that any preparations looking at more than a six-month period make sense. This economy is just so huge and only a minor hiccup or two is likely to bring it down. The entertainment value of Los Angeles and New York going up in smoke is huge however. Hence generous amounts of popcorn in my larder.