Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stopping and reversing Hispanic immigration.

This is the second of two posts that develop a startling policy option never before considered by the Western ruling classes. Consider this Denninger post:
One of two men charged in connection with last month's home invasion,******and fatal bludgeoning of a 64-year-old California woman was in the U.S. illegally and on probation, the News-Press has learned.

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, 29, who is charged along with Jose Fernando Villagomez, 20, in the July 24 attack in Santa Maria, Calif., was on probation for committing battery against an unidentified woman on May 22, 2014, while in possession of methamphetamine.

I already know what the retort will be: What percentage of the illegals do these things compared against citizens?

My riposte: How many of these crimes won't happen if we deport all the illegals and seal the border? Answer: ALL OF THEM.[1]

I have to say there's a lot to be said for the idea of "pathological altruism." Apparently the idea is that once someone invites himself in and walks over our border common decency
  1. prevents us from inviting him back OUT and
  2. requires a statute of limitations for his crimes of 30 days.

How about a statute of limitations of 50 years? If you manage to stay 50 years without getting deported, you can stay?

That's a compassionate policy. Compassionate, that is, for the white majority of this country and our various citizen minority populations.

It's a compassion that does not have as a component a fanatical passion to

  1. give foreigners of demonstrated hostility to us a superior position over citizens,
  2. hand over huge sums of money to foreigners,
  3. grant legal privileges to foreigners,
  4. enable them to vote in our elections, and
  5. grease the rails for them so they can obtain the precious status of citizen by first breaking our laws by crossing our borders illegally and continuing to violate those laws after they are here.
Fisk amnesty, birthright citizenship, in-state tuition, driver's licenses, welfare benefits, free ER services, path to citizenship. Exclude. Exclude. Exclude. Deny. Deny. Deny. Deport. Deport. Deport.

[1] "Deport Them All." By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker, 8/7/15.


gamegetter II said...

How about along with deporting all those who wander across our southern border-we stop importing people who hate America-as in all the musloid refugees from various middle east and north African sh*tholes?
Go to Dearborn Michigan-it's like you're in Iraq,hell,go to the far west side of Cleveland Ohio-same thing. These people have zero intentions of "assimilating" into our culture-send 'em all back to whatever sh*thole they came from with a bootprint on their ass.
All of these recent "refugees" are a huge drain on resources-our tax dollars at work.In NE Ohio-our government imported a ton of "refugees" from Bhutan.
When they first arrived,they worked,earned their way-their kids are all on food stamps,living in section 8 housing,half are on disability through social security-and they've taken over a large area of Akron,Ohio.
What exactly is the point of allowing this horsepucky to continue?

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's the $64 question. I don't dislike foreigners per se. I enjoy learning foreign languages and visiting foreign countries. The differences of opinion and culture are stimulating. However, that doesn't mean I should work to bring lots of foreigners to my own country. I generally enjoy PARTS of other cultures but don't admire everything about other cultures. The idea that there could be actual pathologies in other cultures is simply a verboten idea on the part of the moonbats who work so hard to drown us in inferior cultures. There are those who hate what we have here and despise the white culture that made it happen so to them the injection of pathology is a positive good.

Still, the majority put up with this for reasons I cannot understand. Suspicion of foreigners just seems to be part of human nature, as it should be but the mantra of "diversity" and "nation of immigrants" sees to have a mind-deadening effect on the yeoman.