Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leftism = dictatorship.

From afar, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany each reeked of plutocratic oligarchy. Both were false utilitarian Utopias that in practice merely empowered dictators. [1]
That mask can never be allowed to drop. Diana West can tell you about what happens to people who expose the true activities of communists -- to aid and abet dictatorship; to destroy liberty.

The left labors night and day to expose the "horrors" of capitalism, free markets, and constitutional government – ALL of which enabled millions of people to be free, to make free choices, to fail, and to strive with realistic chances to succeed. What "capitalism" is today is of course a pale shadow of what it has been. Now it's wrapped in chains and hamstrung and is as much "capitalism" as a plucked chicken is a swan.

On these two important points, the left has managed to disguise (1) the nature of radical leftist regimes as ones devoted to justice and a prosperous, comfortable life for all, and (2) the crippled, bastard child of real capitalism as the genuine article.

Even when markets operated more freely than they do today, of course, the left attacked real capitalism as an enemy of the people, though it had demonstrably enriched millions. As Milton Friedman said, capitalism had done more to raise human beings out of poverty than anything in all of history, OWTTE.

Just as the left distorted economic reality, it made sure to disguise the lust for total power that is characteristic of all leftists. Enormous effort was expended by leftist regimes to conceal the fact that they merely empowered dictators, as Mr. Flax correctly notes. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany both fielded world-class secret police organizations famous to this day for their efficiency and ferocity. To speak freely, to oppose the regime was as much as your life was worth. There's your indicator. Where leftists operate, look for contempt for law and massive investment in powerful police forces.

Leftists in the mass never can bring themselves to admit these facts to themselves. They invariably think that "their" guy, "their" dictator will provide a wonderful comeuppance to the people they find inconvenient. This is the result beloved of many leftists -- revenge. Not improvement of the nation based on any kind of a rational calculation. Just revenge.

Some leftists have genuine delusions about the sources of human misery. If only the obstruction of law and custom could be swept away, humanity could find the comfort and luxuries that are unjustly denied them. Woody Allen and Gwyneth Paltrow know how this would work. Even some kind of a governing ideology is unnecessary. If only we could have a fuehrer for while. The right guy with power.

Gwyneth's dream.

[1] "Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History." By Bill Flax, New Zeal, 1/1/15.


Reg T said...

I wonder if there isn't the issue of seeking personal benefit that drives these desires, in part, at least. Revenge, as you say, upon those who have slighted them, or simply performed better and thereby reaped a better life. The Leftist's hope that _he_ will be one of those in power, and/or enjoying a lavish lifestyle - just like Michelle with her multi-million dollar vacations.

Especially when we speak of our "special" people on the Left - Hollywood entertainers. People who are so divorced from reality that they think their "lofty" position garners extra validity to their notions and utterances.

We know by observation that the Left's concern for actually improving the lot of those minorities they claim to care about is so much drivel. _Someone_ must lead and direct the lives of the "little people", and of course, those "someones" should reap some benefits for the work involved in doing so.

The fools, the tools, who are the common Leftists don't seem to get that they will end up suffering along with the rest of us. So they support, even worship, the elite who blind and distract them.

Thanks for posting about the difference between real capitalism and the way the Left has - once again - taken a word in regular usage and perverted it to mean something else entirely.

Col. B. Bunny said...

My pleasure for sure. The semantic battle is hugely important to the left. "Anchor baby" was fine until it wasn't and now it some kind of hate speech intended to hurt someone's feelings. As my earlier post about the Culture of Deceit makes clear, I hope, for the left Semantics 'R Us.

“Journey into the Whirlwind,” by Eugenia (Evgenija) Ginzburg is an account of a Russian communist who was swept into the Gulag along with her husband. It's faded a bit in my memory but I don't recall that it was one of the really grim tales of the Gulag. She and her husband were some kind of low-level functionaries as I recall. What I remember thinking at the time was how she never really seemed to feel any outrage over her treatment. It was like it was an unfortunate mistake, given how much they supported the revolution. She was mystified by their arrests.

The sick thinking of the left is founded on envy and pathetic ignorance. If someone builds something or succeeds in some business or intellectual endeavor, it must be because that person has stolen something from them or "the people." The solution is to take back what was stolen rather than emulate what was done to build and create. Guess which takes more effort.