Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gold standard for Latino immigration enforcement.

San Antonio, Venezuela

The Reuters caption for this photo reads:

A woman stands in front of the ruins of houses of people who do not possess proper documentation to live in Venezuela, which have been demolished by Venezuelan officials, at San Antonio in Tachira state, Venezuela, August 24, 2015. Venezuela has stepped up deportations of Colombians, in some cases separating children from their parents, since President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of two border crossings last week, Colombia's migration office said on Monday.[1]
Let's see:
  • Demolish homes of illegal immigrants? Check.
  • Stepped up deportations? Check.
  • Separate children of illegals from parents? Check.
  • Border closure? Check.
Turning our wistful gaze north then, is it safe to say that if the U.S. government did this (absurd thought), 100% of all faculty lounges in every university in the country would be a scene of hysterical outrage? Palestinian pastries would be clenched into a soggy mass and spilled half-caff lattes would be beside every chair.

There would be pandemonium and murderous rage at the offices of the RNC, the DNC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, the ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, the ADL, the SPLC, MEChA, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google. FoxNews and the Wall Street Journal would implode in a paroxysm of helpless rage. National Review would split a gut. Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, and Paul Ryan would sob hysterically.

Adelson, Soros, and the Koch brothers would wonder what happened to the bribes they paid to all the politicians to keep our borders wide open. Had Gelbaum's bribe to the Sierra Club been a waste of good money?

Did their checks bounce?!

[1] Photo gallery. By Carlos Eduardo Ramirez, Reuters, 8/24/15.


Binder Rosa said...

I question why you address the subject of deportation? Any why do you believe that people living in America illegally have a right to stay? The photo shows a South American country, not the USA. Please comment
The immigration debate can be reduced to three essential questions:  Is America a sovereign nation that has the right to control its borders and decide who comes to live and work here?  Should American immigration laws serve the just interests of the country and its citizens?  And do those citizens have the right to expect and demand that the laws passed by their elected representatives be enforced?

Col. B. Bunny said...

The point of this post is to show that a S. American country under the control of a socialist dictator demonstrates the will to control the country's borders. The same measures here would cause the left to go insane and we simply refuse to enforce our laws, even to the point of just sealing the border. Putting men on the moon is apparently easier than building a long fence.

My answer to your questions is "yes."

I highlight Venezuela's deportations because that is exactly what we must do regarding our present intolerable and unacceptable illegal immigrant population who think that once they are here they never need fear deportation. I don't care if an illegal has been here 50 years and has made himself very comfortable. He has no right to be here and must be removed.

Joseph said...

Venezuela is a model of what not to do.