Monday, August 24, 2015

Only one?

I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.
~ Mexican United States Congressman Luis GutiĆ©rrez, quote in "Ann Coulter vs. Bill Maher, Luis Gutierrez, Some Black Lady And A Bernie Sanders Rally Audience…Guess Who Won?" By John Derbyshire,, 8/21/15.


  1. Hang him for treason. Alas, such a thing is too gauche for these dark times.

  2. It's definitely gone out of style.

    Along with quelling riots and repelling would-be invaders of your lands by deadly force. Warnings would, of course, be given.

    Failing which we get anarchy and invasion.

  3. "Warnings would, of course, be given."

    You, sir, a gentleman.

    If it all fell apart, my warnings would be more visceral. Think heads on pikes sort of warnings.

  4. That was common practice at one time. The gibbet was a particularly horrific instrument. Hoisted up above the streets to educate people. Now we award subversives a grant. Or elect them to Congress and the presidency.

    If you fawn over subversives and your societies enemies, you can even end up a candidate for president on the Democrat ticket.

    I really can't even begin to fathom the depth of hatred that otherwise normal-looking Americans have for the country and its constitution.


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