Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The diseased West.

The most relevant question is why one government after another has chosen to spend Swedish taxpayers' money on citizens of other countries. While Swedish students take a plunge in the PISA tests, 60% of the welfare benefits go to immigrants who make up about 15% of the population. Healthcare and other social services are deteriorating, according to many Swedes, while violence is exponentially increasing. When more and more Swedes feel that they are being badly treated in their own country, the politicians have created a powder keg ready to explode at any minute.
"The IKEA Murders: Sweden in Crisis." By Ingrid Carlqvist, The Gatestone Institute, 8/23/15 (links omitted).


furball said...

I think there is a desire to not be like the "things of the past." Everyone wants to think they are smarter or more civilized than the mistaken barbarians that came before.

Read the Dystopic posts linked by Fran in the post a couple of ones above this. What you get is hatred, vitriol and murder on the Islamist side answered by a skewing of Christianity TOWARDS that in trying to combat it.

But with idiots, liars and haters leading the popular narrative these days, a nation can witness its own demise from infiltrators while bemoaning their own shortcomings with regard to diversity or multiculturalism.

It really comes down to this: There are people who want the entire world to be one place, regardless of racial, national, cultural or any other differences. They (CFR, Bilderberger, etc.) really believe that if we all are one entity, then we can be "managed" to make a better world.

The idea that we are all "the same" is a patent lie, proven by history.

The idea that someone can "manage" us to the betterment of all is a foul betrayal of everything we've learned in 2,000 years.

Tim Turner

Col. B. Bunny said...

The Reformation and the printing press gave ordinary men the idea they can interpret scripture and the law themselves without intermediaries. The Enlightenment and scientific revolution are major sources of the idea that we CAN figure stuff out AND manage it. The French Revolution was our first experiment in dumping everything onto the trash heap. Marxism and communism continued the madness of turning things on their head (and handing power back to the Golden Classes). The tragic thing is that the mass of men has been very open to the idea that "capitalists," including coffee shop and HVAC business owners, are their enemies, motivated by "greed." The idea that socialist or communist governments can end up being run by some vicious monsters with a lot more power than your garden-variety capitalist seems not to penetrate the brains of mankind.

The current industrial-scale screwing of white people everywhere in the West doesn't generate any rage at all in the majority. Perhaps it's as simple that, at a deep psychological level, the call to line up to get free stuff is more powerful than the call to be responsible.

JWMJR said...

The difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution was that we Americans already had a long history of both self government and interactive commerce and self reliance while for the French not only were these experiences lacking but they were all to accustomed to every commercial interaction being filtered through some governmental instrument of taxation and/or regulation.

So then the post revolutionary governing structures in America were designed to foster and continue those existing experiences and the French were nothing but an attempt to restructure but not really reform the means of control of governmental intervention in daily life.

The events in Sweden are simply a logical extension of this philosophical failure as are today's events in Roanoke Virginia.

Col. B. Bunny said...

One of my undergrad history profs liked the idea that the American Revolution was really a rebellion and effected no major change in law, custom, or institution. Ok, there was that Constitution thingy which was rather "out there" at the time but no one got executed by committees of fellow citizens and property rights were preserved. Maybe with Tories not so much but I am woefully ignorant of those times.

The Swedes (and the rest of Europe) are indeed playing a vast game of 52 Pick Up with not a care in the world about what they are building. If you consider just the fact that the one time leader of the Social Democrats got a "fucking medal" you can see that that particular culture has become unhinged. The rest is all just detail on when and what precipitating event.

Agreed as to the sense of entitlement fostered by toxic liberalism, pardon the redundancy. That killer with his A/A employment goal successfully reached was like a dog who actually catches the car he races after. Completely ignorant about what to do next. Like, you mean, actually perform and show some self control?