Monday, August 17, 2015

Quickies: The 21st Century Goebbels Brigade

     You might be interested in the “Sad Puppies” controversy in the world of science fiction, or not. You might have been interested at one time, but have grown tired of it. One way or another, it’s still in progress:

     The Morlocks seem not to realize that everyone not of their particular camp is repelled rather than attracted to stupid lies. Intelligent people are repelled because of the stupidity and honest people are repelled because of the dishonesty.

     Of course, I may be too optimistic. For what if this behavior is purposeful, not the product of incompetence? It takes a particularly neurotic, morbid, and cynical sort of self-hatred to voice a lie one knows has no chance to be believed, but to utter it anyway, knowing your fellow neurotics will be attracted to the siren song of morbid cynicism. If they are doing such a thing on purpose, one wonders at the psychology.

     ....I invite the readers to list the half-truths and full out lies involved here.

     This contretemps remains important for several reasons:

  • It is emblematic of the Left’s determination to control all expressive media.
  • It demonstrates their hatred of facts and their preference for slander and vilification.
  • It lays bare their disdain for the standards of morality and ethics honored by the rest of us.

     That such persons should claim to labor in the name of “justice” is the greatest verbal perversion I can imagine. Orwell never coined a better one. But then, as Hayek has observed, attaching the word “social” to any wholesome thing automatically inverts its meaning, transforming it from a virtue to be pursued to a poisoned stiletto thrust at the heart of Christian-Enlightenment civilization.

     Wright continues:

     I do not mind lies, if told for good reasons, like a thief trying to win my trust in order to rob me. The lying thief at least has a proper human respect for private property. He merely wants it to be his, rather than mine. But lies told for no reason, a lie that no one would believe, a lie about a column where anyone could click the link, see what was written, and know it was a lie — what is the point or purpose of that?

     Indeed, as barefaced and easily refuted as their lies are, they keep on with the tactic. Why? Because they hope to beat us down, to weary us so completely that we surrender the field to them rather than continue to fight.

     Do not surrender the field. There is no more important battle than the battle for the primacy of truth: facts over opinions, reason over shrieking irrationality, and tempered argument that accepts no other ingredients, with true justice – the defense and maintenance of rights – as the outcome.

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As for the likes of the Clinton's and their lie... I really don't think they care.