Friday, August 21, 2015

Quickies: Advanced Mascotting

     Yes, I’ve coined another word. But Dystopic made me do it -- and may God bless him for it:

     From time-to-time, more moderate folks have accused me of being somewhat melodramatic. America is not falling, they will say, only changing, becoming more Progressive, or tolerant, or some other liberal buzzword. We aren’t living in a repeat of Gibbon’s great opus, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

     Then I read things like this: Anti-GamerGate has a literal shiteater in their midst.

     Note that the title is not embellished at all. This is the title of the article. And the most insane part is, it is true.

     Please read the whole thing.

     I’ve remarked before on the Left’s practice of turning the segments of Mankind ordinary persons find repellent into its mascots: classes it champions because they’re useful politically in its endless campaigns for “compassion” – i.e., more government – through the ballot box. When the practice descends to coprophagia, it should become a liability. But will it?

     Consider all the mascots the Left already cherishes: in-your-face “flaming queen” homosexuals; persons who “identify” as Amerind or Negro when they’re nothing of the sort; the voluntarily “homeless,” i.e., bums; violent thugs who happen to have dark skin; self-mutilators and persons who claim to have been “born into the wrong body;” convicted murderers facing the death penalty. Why wouldn’t it celebrate coprophages for their “alternative” practices?

     We shall see. But I wouldn’t put money on the negative side.

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