Monday, June 2, 2014

Can we say this?

The wretches of the EU, under the leadership of the likes of the pathetic Herperson ‘Rumpy-Pumpy’ and Baroness ‘Pantsdown,’ were [after der Sieg der UKIP] even quieter than usual about their having turned a once-vibrant free trade area into a feeble Fourth Reich for welfare tourists who were breeding fast and getting uppity.[1]
Mention of the Reich -- feeble, Fourth or otherwise -- is enough to send chills up and down the spine of right-thinking people in Europe but (. . . hand me the rubber glove now, please, nurse . . .) it's what the Euroboffins and Eurosavants intended from the git. People intend the natural consequences of their acts, as I've said.

The "victory" over red and black fascism in the '40s led to defeat of black fascism in its removal from Germany and its replacement by red fascism from Poland to Berlin. (Way to go, Franklin!)

After the red tide receded, a soft, but hardening, statism has been spreading over the E.U. like a quart of motor oil on grandma's heirloom carpet -- hard to ignore, though most try.

Garet Garrett called it the revolution within the forms. "Oh, look! A parliament!"

[1] "Race Shock." By Chris Brand, IQ & PC, 6/2/14.

Correction (6/3/14): The victory in the '40's was over black fascism, not red and black fascism.

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