Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spot the fake story.

  1. Support for Israel Now Grounds For Expulsion at New York Unitarian Church -- Blessing in disguise.
  2. Professors Shill for Islamism -- Tenure track.
  3. You'll Never Guess What This Dermatologist Found in Her Belly Button -- An outie?
  4. Obama Re-names Dog “Reagan”–GOP Highly Critical -- Junkyard dogs.
  5. 3-Year-Old Boy May Have Identified His Own Killer from Past Life -- Uncle Fred?!
  6. Denying women 'moral abortions' destroys 'soul freedom' -- Protected by M&Ms of the Interstate Commerce Clause!
  7. Rangel's race taunt: Tea party a bunch of 'white crackers' -- What other kind of cracker is there?
  8. Obama meets with illegal immigrants to discuss reform -- "I got your back."
  9. Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam -- We know scum cuando we see it.
  10. Islamic Prayers to be Held at the Vatican -- Swiss Guards bribed.
  11. Kim Kardashian Lookalike With Pink AK-47 Accused of Being Head of Mexico Drug Gang -- Am not!
  12. Italy: Over 2,500 Migrants Saved by Navy in 24 Hours -- Next stop Stockholm.
  13. Sweden Gains 13,000 New Citizens -- "Citizen" loosely defined.
  14. EU offers European countries 6,000 Euros for each refugee they take -- Annual cost: 40,000 Euros.
  15. Greenpeace warns against oil spills in Arctic -- Gulf of Mexico ok.
  16. Austria: Imam Alleged to Recruit Islamic Fighters -- Has to be the fake one!
  17. Barack Obama Says Scotland Should Remain Part of United Kingdom -- B.A. in Scotland Affairs.
  18. Boko Haram Kill 400-500 People in Northeastern Nigeria -- No way!
  19. Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim ‘Should be Executed, ‘ Her Brother Says -- Moderate wing.
  20. Pirate Party Candidates Resign Due to Infighting -- Aargh!
  21. Italian Navy repulses Arab, African freeloaders as boat leaves Libyan territorial waters -- Doo doo doo do.
Hat tip: mostly Gates of Vienna.

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