Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Steve Braley telephone poll.

In Iowa, Cong. Bruce Braley is the Democrat candidate in the race for the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Democrat Tom Harkin.

Braley's opposed by the energetic, pro-American, hugely competent, down-to-earth state Sen. Joni Ernst who was a former Ms. Universe when she was young.

I am fervently hoping she will take Cong. Braley to the woodshed and soundly thrash him Of course, I am maintaining strict neutrality where these two excellent candidates are concerned.

I just can't NOT mention, however, that Cong. Braley is an actual lawyer and so has intellectual gifts that other U.S. Senators and citizens just don't have. How many other states have candidates for office who are actual lawyers? This is just something that bears keeping in mind.

Well, for the first time ever in my life I was able to be a respondent in an actual telephone poll tonight that was commissioned by Cong. Braley. From the questions asked, I surmise that Cong. Braley:

  1. is interested in firming up his message on ethanol;
  2. is interested in knowing how to approach the issues of alternative energy sources;
  3. wants to know what position to take on the question of fossil fuels; and
  4. wants to know what position to take on the issue of global warming and global warming deniers.
Apparently, Cong. Braley thinks there's a chance that ethanol is strongly opposed by the majority of Iowans and that it is a hugely touchy subject with them.

It's interesting that I was asked what I would think it if a large out-of-state hedge fund were to contribute to a candidate's campaign and what I would think if Beelzebub and the Anti-Christ the Koch brothers were also to contribute to an Iowa candidate's campaign.

From this I infer that Cong. Braley wants to accept money from that out-of-state hedge fund so badly he can taste it and that he wants to know if he can cripple Ernst down the road

  1. if the Koch brothers contribute to her, as they most likely will;
  2. if she comes out in support of the XL Pipeline; and
  3. if Ernst is a global warming "denier." (Pronounced "duh-NEE-ur" by the nice young lady who conducted the poll.)
Look for the hedge fund to be focused on bio-fuels and alternative energy boondoggles. Iowa has no significant connection with the fossil fuel industry and Cong. Braley's unlikely to poison his chances of success by alienating rocket-fuel-from-rose-petals whack jobs in Fairfield, Iowa City, and Ankeny.


YIH said...

>is interested in firming up his message on ethanol;
>is interested in knowing how to approach the issues of alternative energy sources;
My take: ethanol's a scam. An outright scam. If possible, fill up your car's tank with non-ethanol gas. Check for fuel mileage, then do it again with ethanol gas. You'll notice something, with the non-ethanol gas you'll get about 10% better MPG.
Ethanol simply doesn't pack the 'punch' of gasoline. It's possible, if you could consistently obtain 190 proof ethanol and modified the engine substantially (higher compression, higher super/turbocharger 'boost' and more aggressive spark timing) to take advantage of ethanol's higher octane to get equal mileage and as a bonus, more power.
But guess what? Without reverting all those changes you'll never be able to run it on gasoline again. It would destroy itself - and quickly.
Another myth is that ethanol can be made for the same cost (gallon per gallon) than gasoline. Nope, from corn, about $7 a gallon (without liquor taxes). Nor is it ''energy neutral'', if you tried to fuel a still on what was produced from a previous 'run' you'd need more fuel.
IOW, just to make it consumes more fuel than it produces. Now add in all the energy to; grow, fertilize (many fertilizers come from oil BTW), harvest, transport and process the raw corn down to kernels before you start fermenting the mash.
So what's the point? Back in the 70's when this movement began it was ''we can beat the arabs with our corn!'' (those oil embargoes).
Today, it's not even that, it's merely a farm subsidy for ''big ag'', producing the corn is subsidized and the raw cost of the ethanol is subsidized.
Without those subsidies (and the fact several states force the use of 'gasohol') the mix would raise the price of gas about $1-$1.50 per gallon.

Anonymous said...

Us global warming deniers are made of some pretty tough fabric ha ha ha.

Col. BUNNY said...

That's as I suspected. Anything to do with energy these days presumptively contains one or more major lies or omissions.

Iowa is wedded to ethanol and that's a fact. As you know, it exacts pledges of fealty to ethanol from the occasional visiting politician.

I don't know what kind of pressure might eventually build on the scam to end it. Higher and higher demand for corn for food rather than fuel? Exacerbation of the existing economic crisis? Higher cost of oil leading to higher costs of transportation?

Too many things are awaiting that rectification of price these days. The whole American and European enterprise is sitting on multiple bulging tectonic plates.

In the meantime, I've located the one dealer in town that sells gas without ethanol.

YIH said...

Col. Bunny:
Quite aware of it. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear the word 'Iowa'? Corn, I can't even think of anything else. Until May 1 of this year, you literally could not buy non-ethanol fuel in FL (you could for 'off-road' use such as marine, aircraft, or racing but not for your car).
The other thing that popularized the idea of ethanol fuel was people had a ''lil' Abner'' view of whiskey making. The copper still, fueled by wood, out in the backwoods and using seed/feed corn for mash stock. Yeah, if you do that you could probably bring the cost down to about $5/gal. But the best you could get with that is about 90-110 proof (45-55% ethanol) whiskey. And that won't run an engine - too much water. Mix it (or commercial liquor) with 90% gasoline and it will - but poorly.
I wish I could tell you how to get your gasoline off the hooch, but your guess is as good as mine.
BTW, I'm familiar with Brazil, it does work for them, read the Wikipedia article and it makes clear why it does - and it won't for us.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, Braley is very interested in you. Be very afraid.

YIH, I have an old car that still gets great gas mileage. Of late, I'm wondering if my 02 sensors are acting up because of ethanol. One of these days I'll have to put a voltmeter on them but I have a hard time believing that after-market sensors are that unreliable. OEM are over $400 so I'm motivated.

Anyway, I do fret some over the corrosion from ethanol but then I'm turning this into a mechanic's forum not a piece on the open borders Mr. Braley.

Anonymous said...

Howdy All,

1. Be proud, Col B, that the current dist 1 congr dude solicited your thoughts---- that said: Braley is shooting himself in the stomach if he disses ethanol in Iowa. He's already pissed off Iowa farmers with a comment about Grassley being a farmer with possibilities of leading the Senate Justice Comm. or some such thing.

2. And BTW Joni is a NG LTC, former county auditor, a mom, and a farm girl who has castrated pigs. Yee Haw!