Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movie Recommendation: The Arroyo

The Arroyo, from Declaration Entertainment

Declaration Entertainment is Bill Whittle's gamble on a chancy proposition, to wit: That there are enough Americans unhappy about Political Correctness's dominance of American entertainment, particularly American cinema, to step up as "citizen producers" of productions with a more conservative, more patriotic subtext. DE's first feature-length production, The Arroyo, is now available on DVD.

Gentle Reader, please take the following from one who started out as a doubter: it's a winner.

You're unlikely to recognize any of the cast members. You might not be familiar with director Jeremy Boreing. You'll note the near total absence of special effects. All of this is to be expected from an indie movie; their budgets typically won't accommodate big names or big CG effects. But you'll be impressed nonetheless.

The Arroyo, a small movie in most ways, has a big theme: the need for ordinary Americans to rise to the challenges of justice that "our" government and "our" law enforcers appear to disdain. The plot centers on the habitual violation of our southern border by drug traffickers and illegal-alien-shepherding "coyotes." Protagonist Jim Weatherford takes up arms against those who use his land as a conduit for their vile businesses, and thereby enmeshes himself, his family, and his neighbors in a duel with a drug cartel and its utterly amoral enforcer.

The direction is straightforward. The script is unornamented by grandiloquence. The acting is simple and unaffected. The scenery is that of southern Arizona. And the combination comes near to perfection.

Highly recommended, as is signing up as a DE "citizen producer."


KG said...

I just put up a large slice of this post over at my place, Francis.
Hopefully, all of those who admire Bill Whittle will buy a copy and spread the word.

KG said...

Grrrr....unfortunately, I can't view the whole thing. It seems to be only available as a download, not a DVD.
Where I live, with a hopeless wireless connection that's just not an option.
Not great marketing.

Ronbo said...

I watched this movie and it’s well worth the viewing!

It gets the Exclusive Five Star Ronbo Rating For Move Excellence.

The only unreal part was the happy conclusion, which is so not going to happen under Obama border “control.”

Hollywood used to make movies like this in the good old days with big name stars, but clearly the future belongs to the independent film makers operating on a modest budget with a big idea and an excellent script/acting.

F.J. Dagg said...

KG, as of Wednesday morning, there's one DVD available at:


KG said...

Many thanks, F.J.Dagg. :)

Bikermailman said...

There are a few setting shots that are Arizona, but otherwise it's all NW Texas. The premier was in Lubbock a few months ago. Mr. Whittle is as deep a thinker as the good Mr. Porretto. If you've never seen his Firewall videos, or read his essays (Tribes is just good stuff, well over a decade ago), give him a go. He's like Breitbart or Beck, believing that politics is downwind of culture, so doing work in movies, online, and working with young, talented conservatives/libertarians to bring them into the fold. He's also working on a near future hard science fiction film, I second the recommendation to throw in a few bucks if you can.

T. Paine said...

I bought a copy on iTunes and thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. No spoiler alert for those who might watch it. While I was watching the film one Nancy Pelosi is on the border and is credited with saying the USA and Mexico are 'one nation'. Are you freaking kidding me! Buy the movie, watch it and think! Please!