Wednesday, June 4, 2014


CSO: I just read an article that says Alzheimers’ is just one form of dementia.
FWP: I really wish he’d round them up and get them off our backs.

CSO: Hm? Who? What?
FWP: You know: Al! His heimers!

CSO: Oh. (snort)
FWP: Say, I’ve never seen a heimer. What do they look like?

CSO: Oh, they’re tan and black, stand about four feet tall, and have a beard and little horns. Very cheerful creatures, really.
FWP: About like a meerkat, then.

CSO: A cross between a meerkat, a gnu, and a pygmy goat.
FWP: Hm. Goats are very undiscriminating creatures, aren’t they?
CSO: You have no idea.

As God is my witness, people. Just this morning.

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