Sunday, June 15, 2014

This . . . this pathetic joke of a man.

The obvious thing to do—[send] these people[1] back immediately, since we have them in custody, cannot deal with them, and will obviously have to provide them with services—will not be undertaken by this president.[2]
[1] The Hispanic children pouring over our border hoping to jump the line.
[2] "Lou Dobbs accuses Obama of purposely orchestrating the swamping of the US borders in cooperation with the governments of Central America." By neo-neocon, 6/14/14.

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Groman said...

Obama knows that once these children are here, they're not going to be sent back regardless of who is the next president. Now that the children are here, their parent/s will follow. Instant demographic change, one more step towards the exit for the white man. This isn't just Obama, this is Schumer, Reid et al. The Democrat party in conjunction with the academic community has been plotting these changes to America for years. The normalization of homosexuality, the promotion of non white races, the bankrupting of the nation etc. Commentators such as O'Reilly and Hannity are behind the curve because they cannot fathom the idea that some of our own citizens would wish for our destruction as payback for some cosmic guilt or just basic resentment of our success vs. the rest of the world.