Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Men Behind The Curtain

Look at these lists of proposed justifications, so helpfully compiled by Victor Davis Hanson. Let their wild, totally erratic lurches from rationale to rationale rock you. Let their complete lack of logical and evidentiary foundation stun you. Let the lunacy of imagining that such incoherence could come from "the most intelligent man ever to be elected president" confound you. And ask yourself the central, all-pervading question of the Obamunist Interregnum:

What The BLEEP! Is Really Going On Here?

It's time to really peel this onion.

A few days ago, Lou Dobbs interviewed Dr. Gina Loudon:

Quoth Sara Noble:

I think Barack Obama is a little crazy, maybe a lot crazy. He’s ruining the country in a way that would put Nero to shame. Would a sane person lie constantly to over 300 million Americans? Would a sane person release war criminals and terrorists to attack our soldiers again? Would a sane person destroy the best healthcare system in the world?...Mr. Obama refuses to follow the law, he replenishes the enemy lines with terrorists, he’s disarming us, he’s allowing us to be invaded by uneducated people from other countries who will turn our country into a welfare state, spending us into oblivion, establishing a terrible healthcare plan administered via a horrible website, gave us common core, alienating our allies and bowing to terrorists, and so much more.

Sara and Dr. Loudon merely express concerns many Americans -- possibly most -- must feel at this time. The Won is acting not merely as a tyrant would, but as a tyrant with a serious mental disorder, perhaps the sort of degradation of rationality caused a serious venereal disease in its latter stages. Yet Obama is almost offensively healthy, at least in appearance, and makes a great show of his participation in various athletic and pseudo-athletic pastimes. That makes it hard to imagine that he's somehow unsound...physically, at least.

But there's an alternative explanation: one that covers all the above and a lot more.

Barack Hussein Obama, who once described himself as "a blank screen," onto which others project their own ideals and desires, is a front man for "the only known form of life with six or more legs and no brain:" a committee.

We are involved here in a far reaching conspiracy to undermine our most basic beliefs and sacred institutions. Who's behind this conspiracy? Once again ask yourself: who has the most to gain? People in high places: their names would astound you! People in low places: concealing their activities beneath a cloak of poverty! People of all walks of life, left wing and right wing. Black and white. Students and scholars. A conspiracy of such ominous proportions that we will never, ever know the whole story and we'll never be able to reveal all the facts! We are readying mass arrests. I am going to see that you people get every possible break. If there is any information you would like to contribute at this time, it will be held in the strictest confidence.... [Lieutenant Practice, in Jules Feiffer's black comedy Little Murders]

Imagine a gaggle of evil-minded persons who come together, perhaps at random, and realize the commonality of their aspirations. Imagine further that each is the commander of an agency through which he seeks to dominate the world. Imagine further still that each of them says to himself, as evil-minded persons will, "I can use these clowns to help me get where I want to go." What would result?

Of course! We'd get S.P.E.C.T.R.E.! A steering committee for all the great evil forces at work among us.

Perhaps the membership would consist of the masters of:

  • The Council on Foreign Relations;
  • The Trilateral Commission;
  • The Bilderbergers;
  • The Round Table Group;
  • The Rosicrucians;
  • The Knights Templar;
  • The International Banking Conspiracy;
  • Ordo Templi Orientis;
  • The Freemasons;
  • The Jesuits (hey, the Vatican has to have a say);
  • And of course, the Illuminati.

The chairmanship would rotate among them.

Whatever their provenance, once the shakeout was over the members of The Committee would all be as evil as Man has ever been. However, despite their seeming alliance, they would hate one another and scheme perpetually against one another for ultimate power. Thus, inasmuch as each member really wants totalitarian power over the world for himself and himself alone, their common enterprises would be underlayered by individual schemes that are inherently at cross purposes. The seething result would possess a surface consistency -- they're all totalitarians, after all, and would all favor anything that increases the State's power over Man -- yet would lurch from side to side like a drunk unable to walk a straight line, incapable of positing a defensible explanation of its deeds…and thus, would be symptomologically consistent with what we’ve seen since The Won took office.

The deep incoherence of The Committee's agenda would be most visible in the words and deeds of whatever poor schmuck they chose to be their representative to the public.

What's that? Of course none of the members of The Committee -- and "The Committee" is all the name the group would ever have -- would willingly become its visible face! Power is safest when wielded from behind the throne. Let the supposed King take the opprobrium, the condemnations, and the bullets; they who hold the true scepter can always find another to replace him.

Now compare the aggregate of Obamunist policy, and the many mutually contradictory rationales put forth in its defense, to the sort of enterprises one would expect from the The Committee. Don't the edges line up nicely? Doesn't the congruence seem just too perfect for it to be nothing but a giant Fran Porretto fantasy?

Heh, heh, heh!

Liberty's Torch possesses a readership of unusual intelligence and knowledge, easily able to recognize satire when it's put before them. Yet, though I've made the above as tongue-in-cheek as possible and with nothing but entertainment in mind, I fear (hopefully unnecessarily) that some reader might take it seriously, buy himself a fresh package of Oreo Double-Stufs, unpack a Barrett .50, and look for a well placed clock tower or church steeple. (Saint Augustine's in D.C. is both conveniently situated and really nice.)

So please! Don't take the above seriously. Not too seriously, at any rate. I mean, it fits the facts and all, and I can't come up with a better explanation given what we've seen from the Obama Regime, but really, the federal government of the United States captured by a world-girdling conspiracy of conspiracies? How likely is that? Don't we have laws against such things?

Maybe you should forget I said anything of the sort. I really shouldn't post this, as many chuckles as it contains. Writing this stuff at 4:00 AM is a bad idea. Say, what's that? Someone banging at the front door at this hour? It can't be about the dogs; they're both still asleep. I'd better go see who it is. You have a nice day, now.


Tim Turner said...

Again, my wife has been great to me for almost 40 years. She's smart, aware and loving.

But she watches MSNBC at least 20 hours a week. I forget my "place" occasionally and ask her, "Why?" And why not at least watch or use the internet to get other sources of news?

She answers that she doesn't like the divisive politics of Republicans (?!) and prefers the message of Democrats.

She and I are in our 60's. She's seen the results. But she is in that camp.

I know my wife. She's not an idiot or a sycophantic fool. But she's an idealist who WILL NOT connect the dots. And she's a graduate Master from college in statistics from back before colleges were totally liberal.

She is the kind of person leftists reach. Her hope and optimism make her want to believe the leftist narrative. If you point out to her the lies and machinations of the Obama administration, she counters that ALL governments lie, or that Republicans are just as bad.

What she doesn't "GET" is Conservatism. And she doesn't get it because FOX is really just cute people NOT doing liberalism.

There really is no mainstream TV channel telling the truth about finance, governance or morals. Yes, Rush, ZONATION, Beck, Whittle, etc., exist.

But EVERY ONE of those is actually off on a side track, or (in Rush's case) pilloried.

And yes, I understand that if any got as popular as Rush, THEY'D be pilloried. But that's the problem. There are SO MANY voices shouting down Rush, Beck, Palin, etc., that my wife never even gets the chance to believe they may be a fair voice.

Of course, it's even worse for my daughter, who was born in 1986.

Granted, I'm a poor communicator and Lord knows I have my faults. But I can't even convince my loved ones of Conservative values.

It's gonna be terribly "interesting," or we're gonna get really lucky. I *think* I'm gonna live another 20 years (based on my own dad) and I find it hard to believe the luck is gonna last that long.

We're gonna "reap this whirlwind," or all the democracies and Chrisianities are just gonna gently slide into world PC tyranny.

Anonymous said...

He is simply implementing the next stage of the globalist no-borders socialism, and getting his homeys rich in the process.

The methods are straight Cloward-Piven and Alinsky. Keep your population frustrated, confused, and scared while breaking every one of their support channels and you can take down even the mightiest civilization. I find nothing he does to be surprising, in this context.

Anonymous said...

Lewis' N.I.C.E.


Col. B. Bunny said...

I'm still trying to identify the "tongue in cheek" part.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Fascinating, Mr. Turner. Thanks.

Robert What? said...

It is unfortunate that our first black president had to be Barry Soweto. Assuming this country survives his presidency, I don't think anyone will have the stomache to elect another one, or even put one up as a candidate.