Thursday, June 12, 2014

The dishonesty of our political "leaders."

This Denninger quote is a bit disjointed because I've left out chunks. Both major parties are dishonest, though the Republicans receive the lion's share of the scorn here.

The first paragraph is the money quote, however. The "immigration problem" is willful refusal by officials to enforce existing laws. But politicians refuse to acknowledge this and discuss the problem as though something's wrong with existing law. (Note that the absence of mandatory employer sanctions isn't one of those "law" problems.) What they do mean by "immigration reform," however, is just a gold-plated lie, an exercise in deception and theft:

Immigration reform is a fancy way of saying amnesty, job destruction, wage depression and exploding welfare costs, all of which are "demanded" by both the Chamber of Commerce and industries large and small.

* * * *

The issue for the Republican Party is that it has continually claimed to be helping the American people while in fact it has never enforced its agreements [with Democrats on border control and spending reduction] over the last 30 years. It has never demanded that existing agreements be upheld before entertaining further negotiations on something new and different.

That's dishonest -- intentionally so.

* * * *

. . . The Republican Party claims to be the party of fiscal restraint and prudence; what they really are is the second party of grift, fraud and patronage, right behind the Democrats.

"The Lesson From Cantor's Loss." By Karl Denninger, Market Ticker, 6/11/14.

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