Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lies in the service of socialism.

Socialism no longer holds itself out as working to establish "a free democratic society of equals."[1] Socialism became "emptied of its humanitarian impulses"[2] and even as late as 1939, was seen to have become "a mechanistic, dehumanized socialism based on dictatorship, systematic brutality, [and] regimented robots working for an impersonal state administered by a privileged caste of bureaucrats."[3] The hideous nature of socialism became even clearer as the century wore on. Socialism became irrevocably enmeshed in its enforcement apparatus: communist parties, secret police, summary justice, lawlessness, murder, and the forced labor camp.

If it is objected that democratic socialist states in the West have not required such violence and treachery to maintain themselves, one need only note the extraordinarily undemocratic, authoritarian nature of the E.U. and the degree to which Sweden – the king of welfare states – has become a state highly energized in the suppression of free speech, in lying to and manipulating its citizens, and in relying on unofficial, "anti-fascist," leftist thugs (Antifascistisk Aktion - AFA) to punish dissidents. The trajectory is only downwards and, as the mask slips further and further off, only the lie can conceal the dishonest economics and the state theft necessary to maintain the redistributionist, economy-destroying scheme.

"Socialists" clearly now no longer seek the amelioration of social problems through economic restructuring, if they ever did, but rather to destroy the nation state and traditional society, root and branch, in favor of a controlling elite and a borderless world awash in a tidal wave of third-world primitivism, dysfunction, and failure. This objective cannot be admitted and thus the necessity for the lies, as Mr. Nyquist points out:

What began in a bold revolutionary manifesto under Marx now crawls or drags itself toward us, by way of subterfuge, under the auspices of false advertising. The old demagogy having died, it is now necessary for the socialists to lie about their real objectives. The new socialist “hero” is identified with the very objects (and beliefs) he intends to destroy – as Obama pretends to defend capitalism and America while Putin pretends to defend Orthodox Christianity and Russia.[4]
If Obama does pretend to have to defend capitalism, it's clearly a painful and unpleasant task for the man.

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Unknown said...

" If Obama does pretend to have to defend capitalism, it's clearly a painful and unpleasant task for the man."
Actually, I believe he relishes every moment in which he purports to defend capitalism. For when he does, his statements are always clausal, and invariably include the obligatory "...but..."
The man truly enjoys lying. It defines him. As such, any 'defense' he makes of traditional, logical, or patriotic notions is nothing more than a deceit that he can use to further his evil.
The only discomfort he feels from defending [insert any virtuous idea here] is when he discovers that his lie has failed to influence others' decisions.