Sunday, February 1, 2015

Polymath Now Available At Smashwords! (UPDATED)

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Even in his high school years, it was clear to all who knew him that Todd Iverson is special. There are no sciences, no technologies, and no arts he cannot master. There is no field of human endeavor he will leave untouched. He has the power to transform human civilization utterly, and he means to do so.

Todd does have a few little problems. For one, his mother crippled him emotionally by artificially orphaning him, abandoning him to become a nun just after his father’s death. For another, he can’t abide the idea that anyone might be better than he is—at anything. For a third, he might just be a sociopath: the most dangerous sociopath ever to be born among men.

The powers of darkness are aware of him, and they don’t plan to let him work unmolested.

But Todd will not go his way unmentored or unprotected. The most powerful creatures on Earth have resolved to complete his upbringing and bring his strength to fullness:
Malcolm Loughlin.
Christine D’Alessandro.
And Louis Redmond.

Todd will find love and deliberately forsake it.
He will know the most terrible kinds and occasions of loss.
He will enter the world of business, first as an employee, later as an entrepreneur.
And his powers will reach their zenith just as a most improbable figure takes the White House.

For Todd Evelyn Iverson has his eyes on the skies. He has resolved that Man shall leave his species’ womb at long last. As Stephen Graham Sumner and the Constitutional movement rise to prominence, Todd prepares to set his foot upon the first rung of a ladder to the stars. It’s a ladder he is uniquely qualified to design and build.

Polymath chronicles the bursting of an Onteora County giant from his chrysalis to spread his wings over the world. It’s the fourth novel of the Realm of Essences series, the beginning of the story of an American Renaissance.

UPDATE: Polymath has become available for the Kindle as well, at Amazon!

FURTHER UPDATE: Do please remember, dear readers, how important reviews are to a book's sales fortunes!

Also remember that no matter where you purchase a book, you can always post a review of it at Amazon!


Backwoods Engineer said...

Purchased and downloaded to Kindle for iPhone. Thanks, Fran, looking forward to this one.

Also, I'm stoked that you're working on another Spooner Federation novel.

lelnet said...

Bought! With relish! :)

KG said...

Purchased and downloaded in pdf.

KG said...

Although up half the night reading it, I was disappointed when reaching the end, nowhere near ready to be finished reading an engrossing tale so full of valuable insights.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Do please remember, dear readers, how important rewiews are to a book's sales fortunes!

Also remember that no matter where you purchase a book, you can always post a review of it at Amazon!

Weetabix said...

Excellent timing. I've bought the epub to go on my Nook for a plane ride tomorrow.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

Mr Porretto, thank you for this novel. Bought it today, and read the whole thing. I just can't put down the Realm of Essences stories.

Left a review, too.

Please, work hard on Statesman. I have wanted another Sumner novel for a long time.


Ronbo said...

This book is an honored member of my Kindle library and I will read it this weekend. The introduction looks very interesting. A good decision to publish the book on Kindle, Francis. I will write a review for Kindle when I'm finished. Keep up the good work! As a would-be author who filled up the city dump with abandoned books he attempted to write, I know how difficult it is to write one, and my hat is off to anyone who publishes the finished product. -- Cheers, Ronbo

Weetabix said...

I left an Amazon review. Great book. If I weren't so manly, a couple of passages would have made me tear up a bit.

And thanks for giving us a bit more of Louis, Christine, and Malcolm.