Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unforgivable Negligence!

A commenter to this piece wrote:

"How about that, folks: two quasi-philosophical pieces in one week! I hope this doesn't constitute an overdose."

We're not here for the cat pictures, dude. Which is good, since you don't post cat pictures. :)

And the realization came upon me like a thunderbolt:

I’ve never, ever posted a cat picture!

OMG!!! And I’m a lifelong lover and keeper of felis domesticus! I’ve had more cats than Carter has Little Liver Pills! Why, at this very moment I have three: April Come She Will, Uriel The Great, and Fluffy. (The last one is a recent adoptee who arrived pre-named, so don’t blame it on me. Anyway, she’s a longhair, so the name sort of fits.)

Besides, what’s a Website without a few cat pictures? In the spirit whereof, I present:

Thank you, commenter lelnet, for drawing that omission to my attention!


Anonymous said...

Love your favorite CAT of all.
Yellow paint runs in my veins.

Adrienne said...

It's about time you did something sensible!

Pretty kitteh's

Weetabix said...

We have too many cats. Too many for me means > 2.

I call them whatever name comes to mind. The kids mostly know which one I mean, and the cats don't seem to care.

AuricTech said...

My favorite cats were both born in Bethpage, NY....

Reg T said...

We were adopted by a Maine Coon when we bought our home here in SW MT. His name is Tripper (obvious to any cat person), but my wife calls him Puppy-Cat, since he follows her all over the property, stopping when she stops, sitting when she sits, even coming when he is called.

But - my wife would drool over the last Cat. She has aways wanted a D-9 (but with ripper blades on the rear, so she can garden on the scale her heart truly desires).

KG said...

It's impossible to have too many cats, Weetabix.
We have a gang of feral cats here on the farm which calls in every evening for snacks and it's a great pleasure to just sit and watch them.

Anonymous said...

April looks quite thin. Is she okay?

Love your blog BTW.