Thursday, February 12, 2015

Diana West on COIN.

[COIN, U.S. military counterinsurgency doctrine,] holds that if you sink enough money, enough public works projects, enough nation-building, then somehow, some way, these alien cultures bridged by Islamic law and custom will adopt essentially un-Islamic law and custom and -- presto -- become an ally in the war on terror.[1]
COIN seems to be premised on the idea that if FBI agents came to your town and shot some of the local low life (maybe including a few of your relatives and friends), but also sat down and drank a few beers with you, dressed in your exotic local clothing, and paved some local roads, you'd be transformed into a supporter of the Obama Administration.

I see the logic of COIN. Don't you?

[1] "The Department of Armed Social Work Has Some 'Splaining to Do." By Diana West, 2/12/15.

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