Friday, February 13, 2015

A theory as to the underlying pathology of our age.

In 1915 Lenin wrote in an article that the basis of communism was hate. Never underestimate the hate of human misfits. They have existed since time immemorial, and they are motivated by a deep hate. Maybe they were sexually molested in childhood, or something. I don’t know. But I have known people like that. Always angry, bitter and hateful. They have no moral, no empathy, nothing is ever they’r own fault, they can’t handle critisism, they have no self-insight. They are sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists. Often they are sexual pervos. They believe they have the right to do whatever they fancy, that they are superior beings.[1]
The underlying pathology of our age (UPOOA) is, of course, the extraordinary influence of people in the West
who hate the foundations of their culture and their own people. These people detest what is normal and decent and labor every minute of the day to oppose, undermine, and defeat any reasonable measure of self defense or assertion regarding the superiority of the nation's traditions, laws, and customs.

[1] Comment by Randers on "Don’t Get up on Your High Horse — It’s a Long Way Down." By JLH, Gates of Vienna, 2/12/15.


Wombat said...

Only one point of disagreement.
They don't labor every minute of the day. Most minutes are spent drunk, stoned, asleep or in fevered fits of masturbation (sorry if that's too graphic).

Youthful rebellion is almost a genetic assumption. The modern day absence of any obvious reason to outgrow it is the source of many a problem.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Shades of Diana West's Death of the Grown Up. I've not read it but I'm sure you're on the same track.

The Japanese appear to have the phenomenon of large numbers of 20-something youths acting like idiots or infants.

But this is the pathology of the youth which I think is a separate issue. The kids are only vulnerable to the influence of the more focused sort of people. They, the latter, do labor ceaselessly to undermine what is decent and normal. It's hard to slip a toothpick in between the lies that stream out in all areas of the public life of the West.