Wednesday, February 11, 2015


FWP: Say, why has this Brian Williams thing come to the fore just now? Aren’t all the stories he told years in the past?
CSO: I don’t know. Maybe someone got pissed at him about something else and decided to dredge it up.

FWP: Possible. Likely, even. People don’t talk about past stuff without a reason. We don’t talk about Halley’s Comet between appearances.
CSO: Oh, some do. The admirers. The fan clubs.

FWP: Say! There’s an under-served community of sufferers!
CSO: Huh? Who?

FWP: People who feel offended or victimized by astronomical events! Don’t they need love and support too? I mean, sunspots and meteor showers aren’t their doing, right? Think of the possibilities! Twelve-step programs! Lobbying organizations! Special counselors in the public schools!
CSO: Yeah. But wouldn’t they come up hard against the astronomy clubs?
FWP: Of course. Like loggers and Druids.
CSO: Sounds like a lawyers’ dream.
FWP: It could revive the legal profession all by itself.
CSO: I’ll write to the bar association.

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