Monday, February 9, 2015

Marine Le Pen lays it all out, much to the displeasure of a BBC troll.

Clearly this is a formidable woman. The most interesting question is why people like her have had such an uphill climb in French politics. And any place else in Europe. Voters have been sparing in their support of patriotic European parties, as I've said ad nauseum before.

Anyway, the interviewer had clearly been prepped to derail Le Pen by raising the perennially favorite issue of the left, namely, "offensive" speech.

"I'll take 'Fake Outrage' for $400, Alex."

BBC interest in the substance of Le Pen's words or in anything to do with any real problems associated with immigration, multiculturalism, and surrender to an inferior, medieval, supremacist, political movement? In highlighting that native (white) Europeans have interests of their own distinct from and opposed to immigrants' interests? In driving home the point that immigrants come to countries not their own at the sufferance of the people of those host countries?


Hence, "troll."


KG said...

Great stuff, Colonel. I've put up a post and link back to here at my place.

Ronbo said...

The Beeb bitch had a witch's nose.

I rest my case, your honor!

daniel_day said...

The Beeb know-it-all is even more obnoxious than Bill O'Reilly at interrupting. said...
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Anonymous said...

Good deal, KG. Thanks. Just send the usual royalty payments to my Cayman Islands account.