Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The pathetic GOP.

Instead, the recent history of “conservative” governance has been one of ever-larger government, and an expansion of the cronyism and corruption built into the system. The last time the GOP had complete control over the government, 2003-07, it massively expanded Medicare and enacted more pork-barrel spending than any prior Congress in history.[1]
This is an all-too-accurate description of the GOP in the wild. The Bush administration was a completely squandered opportunity to attack the welfare state and work for a restoration of constitutional government. Pères et fils.

As an aside, I note the above quote would be true even if an ultra-lefty lunatic said it. I don't have any trouble acknowledging the truth of it. But how often do you hear a lefty say, "You have a point there. The things I advocate DO increase the powers of government and a whole lot of things that I advocate DO require the Constitution to be stood on its head"?

Similarly, I can see that there are problems with corporations making political donations per Citizens United. That's a lot of money that corporation officers and boards get to throw around. Granted. But will the left acknowledge that unions exercise the same disproportionate political power with their cash and in-kind political contributions?

Any downsides to having a parasite class, open borders, welfare for foreigners who arrived here yesterday, Muslims inside the borders, affirmative action? Nooooo. And that's even at the level of the non-Treason Class or the level of the non-cynical operative scotch taping together winning electoral combos that have all the elegance of a toilet bowl-crucifix-tampax objet d'art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nope. If you're looking for honest political debate, try some other planet. And if you think the Bushes are ancient history, you've not been paying attention to McConnell, McCain, McBoehner, and the Jebster.

[1] "The Republican Party Is Not Your Friend." By Jay Cost, The Federalist, 2/11/15.

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