Saturday, February 7, 2015

What conflicts?

The doctrines of Islam, for instance, are incompatible with the doctrines of Mormonism because they claim that Mohammed was the last prophet and if that is true, then Joseph Smith and every Mormon prophet who came after him were not prophets at all, and every word they wrote was a lie. The doctrines of Islam are also incompatible with those of mainstream Christianity because Islam denies the crucifixion, denies the resurrection and denies the divinity of Jesus. The idea that all religions are the same is an intellectual error of the first magnitude. You cannot possibly believe in different religions, you can only believe in one.[1]
To the witless among us, cannibalism can be harmonized with transubstantiation, and all honor to the cannibal. Resistance is fealty to the U.S. of KKK Amerika.

Just wish for harmony and, voila, there it is. Shariah's inflexible demand that no kafir law be superior to it is, well, completely compatible with U.S. laws – which had hitherto been considered the laws of the land by niave Americans. Who knew that Muslim immigrants to the U.S. arrived with a built-in demand for a revolution in U.S. law? A complete upending of our laws and customs?

Wellll, make that an apparent demand for shariah displacement. To the Treason Class no conflict exists. Harmony is assured.

[1] "The Mark of Evil." By Nick McAvelly, Libertygb, 2/2/15.

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