Friday, February 13, 2015

Klingon cloaking device.

If wrapped in religion, subversion is well shielded. To the public, the nexus between faith and tyranny is difficult to imagine. The still prevailing na├»ve belief is that religion’s advocates must be “good” because all religions want what is good.

Taboos that express free-of-fact sentiments protect whatever hides behind religion. Do religions not honor God or Allah? Could the servants of religion be not as pure as claimed? Is it not so that all faiths are “right”, that they should not be judged, and that they deserve deference? This recasts radicals as committed to do good in their struggle with evil. If it is uncertain which religion is the path to God, then how can we condemn [that which] claims to serve our common God?

"Jihad’s Ace Cards Unmasked." By George Handlery, The Brussels Journal, 2/4/15.

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