Friday, February 27, 2015

The iron laws of arithmetic.

Both the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago are in dire financial condition. Illinois’s unfunded pension liability stands at $111 billion. It owes another $56 billion in unfunded retiree health-care obligations. Chicago itself faces $35 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. The total liability for all local government obligations adds up to as much as $83,000 per household.[1]
When all the socialist, Democrat, redistributionist, "social justice," racial justice, fairness, public service, diversity, reparations, white privilege crap is gift wrapped and delivered to every moron voter south of Milwaukee, the iron laws of arithmetic eventually get their chance at the polling place. The Black Death is more popular but that vote always gets cast.

It's always a write-in vote and the name written in is always "Mr. I Told You So."

[1] "Rahm’s Runoff. Chicago’s problems run deeper than many in the city want to acknowledge." By Aaron M. Renn, City Journal, 2/26/15 (links omitted).

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