Friday, April 3, 2015

A glimpse at who's locked in the cockpit.

So much going on, but so much of it the same thing over and over that at times I simply don't have the energy to state the obvious: America and the West are governed by an "elite" with a world view full of delusions and malice. The "elite" either is so deluded about the nature of the world, or so full of malevolence towards Western Civilization that, to paraphrase an "elite" darling and Presidential hopeful, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" The result is the same: disaster.

If you ever wondered what sort of dystopian future could and would befall the world without the civilizing influence of the West, wonder no more. We have arrived. This is the post-America and the post-West world once found in fanciful fiction, and now in the grim reality of daily news.[1]

As one of the more useful principle of political analysis today goes: If our political elites in the West did hate their own countries, their own people, capitalism, and their own civilization, what would they do differently from what they are doing now?

[1]  "The Delusions and Malevolence of Our "Elite" Class." By W. Lewis Amselem, The DiploMad 2.0, 3/23/15.

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