Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quickies: The Compact And Unified Church Of The Left

     Apparently, someone at BoingBoing tweeted the following:

     I find it hilarious – and penetrating. The Left, however, has no sense of humor, and within nanoseconds was all over BoingBoing like a cheap suit. So BoingBoing did what gutless, must-stay-in-the-pew types do: it folded.

     Eric Hoffer described the required mindset for this tactic of the Left in The True Believer: the group must become indispensable to the survival of the individual’s sanity at minimum. Some groups go further, of course. The American Left hasn’t issued execution orders for its apostates...yet. But I do find myself wondering what will happen to the poor soul at BoingBoing who found that tweet as funny as I do.


Joseph said...

It's oppressive to call me a right-wing nut job. I actually identify as a 19th-century liberal.

Anonymous said...

The person who tweeted that cat pic deserves a medal! I hope they are not deterred and do something similar again soon.

Humour and satire are *hugely* powerful weapons against the left. The more of those "bullets" that can be fired against them, the better.

Reg T said...

Surely there is nothing so vile, so obscene, as causing a liberal to experience disappointment. That calls for the death penalty.

BTW: It's oppressive to call me a domestic extremist. I actually identify as a Crusader.