Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quickies: The Curtain Is Slowly Pulling Away From Obama’s Past

     Courtesy of Sara Noble:

     Barack Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was no fan of Christ, America, Winston Churchill, The Monroe Doctrine but he loved Soviet Russia and Jozef Stalin. We know that definitively.

     Barack Obama now hangs out with Al Sharpton, a race baiting criminal and tax evader. In college, he hung out with the Marxist professors. Rev. Wright railed against whites and Jews for twenty years with Obama in the pew of his church. Now Obama looks for allies in Cuba and Iran.

     Cliff Kincaid of AIM has posted the video with Barack Obama admitting he was “schooled” by radical communist Franklin Marshall Davis on race relations. Kincaid posted it yesterday on his website, Accuracy in the Media. It was only put up on YouTube two days ago.

     In Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama said Frank was his mentor but Obama never used Frank’s last name. The video, posted below, isn’t the only confirmation but it is definitive. Frank was Frank Marshall Davis.

     Isn’t it odd that the media didn’t find this out? Shouldn’t Barack have been questioned about this? Davis was an angrier, more Marxist version of Rev. Wright.

     Obama has gone to great lengths to obscure his past. Even today, his studies and grades in college and law school are heavily protected against public scrutiny. His tenure as an editor of the Harvard Law Review is equally a mystery, as no article in that publication bears his byline. Only now, as six years of post-electoral effort comes to fruition, are we learning the details about his formative influences and how he acted them out.

     Obama once characterized himself as “a blank slate” upon which others could project images that satisfy their preferences. But with the negligible exception of an idiot from birth, a man in his forties cannot be a blank slate. His history will speak volumes about his character, his abilities, and his inclinations. Now that we’re learning Obama’s history at long last, we can see how consistent it is with his behavior in the Oval Office.

     Ever wonder about all Obama’s “present” votes in the Illinois Senate? And all the votes he missed while a United States Senator? That, too, was part of the “blank slate” strategy. Had he taken his preferred stances on a sufficient number of matters, it would have been impossible for him to sell himself as a slightly left-of-center quasi-moderate. His true leanings would have been too clear. Only when the most vocal of the special interests put enough pressure on him to compel him to take a stand – e.g., Illinois’ version of the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act – did he cast a vote that would tell us anything substantive about him.

     Future generations and their historians will look upon our folly in electing this man and shake their heads. Perhaps their deepest wonder will arise from our passivity about a candidate for the highest office: why more of us didn’t stir our stumps to learn what he’s all about, and why those that did so didn’t show greater determination in the face of resistance. Their assessment of our characters might be beneath that of Barack Hussein Obama.

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Anonymous said...

This guy isn't done yet, we have almost two more years of destruction to America, the Constitution, and our way of life to endure. The saddest thing about it all is that NONE of this is news. This was all known well in advance of his election, both times. It was known, and the people who voted for him either didn't care, or worse, endorsed wholeheartedly the "fundamental change" that he was selling. Truly, the destruction of America isn't what Obama is doing, it's the shift in mindset of the masses that allowed him to be elected in the first place.

In two years, we'll have a new "leader", but we'll have the same masses that elected Obama as the core of our population. The same masses that now have legalized queer marriage, rampant drug use, accelerated murder of babies on demand, the regulatory destruction of our industrial capacity, the financial punishment of the successful, the vilification of the police and those who choose Constitutionally to defend themselves, along with many millions more criminal border-jumpers with entitlement complexes thrown into the mix. I wake up in the morning thinking that Obama is bad. Then I leave the house, and I realize, he'll be gone soon, but the insanity is just getting started. Have a nice day.