Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quickies: On Choosing Sides

There’s an old Clint Eastwood / Sondra Locke movie, The Gauntlet, in which Eastwood plays a Phoenix, Arizona cop on a prisoner transport detail. He concludes early on that his own P.D. is trying its damnedest to have him and his prisoner (Locke) assassinated. A Nevada cop reviles him for “choosing sides” and drives away...just before Arizona state police kill the Nevada cop with a fusillade of many hundreds of rounds.

Choosing sides is the most fundamental of moral operations. Which side are you on, boys? If you have clear apprehension of the moral issues involved in a conflict, it’s not least, it shouldn’t be. But if you’re not sure you have all the facts, or that you see the issues clearly, what then?

It can be a challenge. However, there is a reliable guide: align yourself with the side whose members appear to practice the Golden Rule.

Which makes this minor bit of Americana more important than it might otherwise have been. Please read it, and the accompanying tweets.

This despicable facsimile of a human being literally created the “scandal” that’s driven Memories Pizza out of business in its original locale. No doubt she’d claim that she was only doing her job – i.e., the deliberate pillorying of persons who disagree with the Left’s current social-injustice crusade. Anyway, it’s clear which side she’s on. Contrast it to the folks on this side:

Donations are now closed. Grand total of $842,387 raised for ‪#‎MemoriesPizza‬. You stood in the gap with them. Thank you!

So: Were a Martian, wholly unacquainted with the factual matter behind this contretemps, to feel an irresistible compulsion to involve himself in it without learning all the factual details, which side would you recommened he align himself with...and why?

It’s really not that hard, is it, Gentle Reader?

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the SJW crowd came out in force on this non issue.

I have never liked the term Social Justice Warrior. The words justice and warrior have too positive a definition to be used for these deviants.

So lets change them to Social Hedonistic Injustice Tyrants. Or the SHIT's.