Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quickies: Crisis-Unwasted Dept.

     Rahm Emanuel laid down the maxim “You never let a crisis go to waste,” and come Hell or high water, Barack Hussein Obama will abide by it:

     During a joint press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister Tuesday, Barack Obama used a question about Baltimore to further his views on federalizing local police forces without calling it federalization.

     The Obama task force on policing is in Baltimore along with the attorney from the Civil Rights Division to push his agenda, he told the assembled....

     Barack Obama said there were “too many instances of what appears to be…uh…police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African-American, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions. And it comes up what seems like once a week now, or every couple a weeks.”

     He got his digs in at the Republican Congress but that’s an aside.

     The federal police proposals from his task force will make a difference, he claimed Tuesday.

     He has invented yet another crisis, using advisors like Al Sharpton, to put the federal government’s hand in police work....

     Barack Obama claimed today that the problem is he can’t federalize the police. Implementation of his plan would do exactly what he says he can’t do.

     “We’re going to be working systematically with every jurisdiction around the country to implement solutions we know work,” he said today. “We can’t just leave this to the police,” Barack Obama added ominously.

     Rep. Elijah Cummings called for a police czar who would undoubtedly federalize policing.

     Al Sharpton, a racist agitator and White House adviser, will be in Baltimore to teach the community how to march “peacefully”, which is merely a more covert style of aggression and force.

     A couple weeks ago, Sharpton called for the federalization of police. “There must be national policy and national law on policing,” the race terrorist said. “We’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”

     Remember Obama orating during his 2008 campaign that we need a domestic security force that’s “just as strong, just as well armed, as our military” -- ? Given the steady militarization of police forces country-wide, I think we can guess where he hopes to get it.


Tim Turner said...

Nobody - ok, very few - seem to understand the real meaning of Federalism as put forth by or great ones.

States have the power not specifically given to the national government. Else, people do.

So there is absolutely no constitutional basis for this power grab. But then, readers here know this already.

But Obama, Soros, the Frankfurt School and others will keep doing what they do.

Manu said...

Notice that every problem the Progressive Left manages to find, create, or manufacture "requires" nationalization to solve. Anyone who takes them at their word is a fool.

Charlie Mitchell said...

...“We’re going to be working systematically with every jurisdiction around the country to implement solutions we know work,” he said today. “We can’t just leave this to the police,” Barack Obama added ominously...

Solutions "we know work"... ?
What solutions are these, and where are they proven to work ?
This doesn't become fact just because Obama says it is.
I call BS.

I'd bet that "We can't just leave this to the police" actually means "We can't just leave this to the citizens to solve on their own".
A solution that is forced upon us will not stand.

neal said...

Well, the DOJ came in for a bit of federal oversight down in Albuquerque. The District Attorney fears for her life.
But, hey, now the EPA, DEA, and Homeland Security are running so many Social Justice ops that it is pretty much Feds pissing on each other.

Probably hard to synchronize Muslim outreach, the war on climate, and the gay thing. They have tanks and Ospreys in these parts. Hard to reconcile all the hardware with the stupid. Probably good that the nukes are inside the mountain.

KG said...

Secession! It's the only peaceful solution.

Anonymous said...


Groman said...

There will probably be no peaceful solution. The left, which now controls the media, education, government and big business will keep pushing. They see the light at the end if the tunnel. Their "perfect world" is in sight. Got ammo ?

Anonymous said...

Violence is the only thing that will make them see sense.

Weetabix said...

Federalizing - because the federal agencies stay within their mandates and perform them so well...

Reg T said...

Obama will kill two birds with one stone: his "Federal Police" will consist of inner city young blacks, MS-13 illegal aliens, and any other minority groups he feels will be willing to attack the middle class and the Right. Since he cannot trust the military to control American citizens, he will badge and arm those who he knows will be willing, more than willing.

Matt Bracken laid it out in his second novel of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy (the Reconquista), and in the third, where Russian military were brought into the country to deal with "recalcitrant" American citizens.

Robohobo said...

Yup, this will work out well.

Buy foodstuffs for the long haul. 100# of starch per person per year. Beans & rice supplemented by hunting and gardening.

Buy ammo. Going to add some .223 REM to the safe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The time has arrived. This country can divide peacefully (doubtful) and folks go their own way, to leftland or rightland, or.... (and this is the sad part...) we will have to kill every damn one of them. For some reason, they think we can't or won't, and that's their fatal error in judgment.