Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quickies: A Profile In Corporate Courage

     Ace brings the news:

     A fat-loss supplement company called "Protein World' began running this ad:

     This upset the Social Justice Tumblrinas, who began arguing that Everyone already has a "beach body," because everyone -- well, every woman -- already has the perfect body with no need of improvement. (Note that feminists are usually critical of men who could stand to do some pushups.)

     There followed the usual campaign of strident, angry harassment by feminist viragoes. But God bless ‘em, the Protein Power management refused to give in:

Speaking to Breitbart, the company’s defiant Head of Global Marketing Richard Staveley says: “The campaign absolutely, categorically will not be pulled by Protein World. We have 300,000 happy customers and we will not pander to this a particularly vociferous minority.

     “There’s no body shaming going on. Genuinely, 100 per cent this was driven by talking to our female customers and asking them what they want.

     “As for the vandalising of our posters, a lot of what we have seen has been PhotoShopped, so they’re not even real defacements. I’d be alarmed if people are actually clamber across train tracks to deface posters and put their lives at risk.

     “My position is: we won’t stand for that and TFL [Transport for London] are working with us on this. We are compiling admissions of vandalism against us and we will look into them. I don’t see us having any problem with us reporting individuals for vandalising our property. The law on this is clear.”

     The last word goes to Ace:

     Oh, and Protein World called the feminists -- many of whom are vandalizing their advertisements, or even threatening to destroy their offices -- "terrorists."

     At last, a corporate management that refuses to be bullied by a militant victimist cult! Bravo!

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